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A game at a professional football stadium requires enough electricity to power 2,269 homes for a day.

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August 20, 2009

Green Teams

Next time you root for your favorite team
Encourage them to start going green
Teams are becoming eco-machines
Check out how they're staying lean

Lean Green Athletic Machines

Now more than ever athletic programs are taking steps to green their teams. From professional sports teams to intramural leagues, organizations have undergone an eco-friendly transformation.

  • If it's time to stock up on some new equipment be sure to pick out fair trade sports gear. Buying fair trade allows consumer to rest easy knowing that the equipment they're enjoying was made by adults in healthy work conditions with fair wages.
  • Pro sport teams have also gotten into the swing of things. Leading the way in the green movement are teams like the San Francisco 49ers and New Jersey Nets. The Suns have focused on lowering their carbon footprint by rethinking old habits and providing fans with 100% organic shirts or reusable bags during game giveaways.
  • Making the biggest splash on the eco-friendly sports scene is definitely the S.F. 49ers. With plans to build a new state-of-the-art stadium including solar panels and a green roof, the 49ers have made being green one of their top priorities.

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