Simple Steps to Greener Living

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Most people use more than 4 times the amount of water and energy than they really need?  Conserve as much as you can so you’re just leaving a tiny footprint in the sand instead of an Ecological Footprint the size of a whale!

Did you know tips

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April 22, 2008

Less Is More
If you've got the gumption
To reduce your consumption
We'll give you some hints
On your Eco-Footprint

Life-changing resolutions aren’t just for New Year’s anymore.  It’s Earth Day 2008 and Smart2begreen wants to help you amend your consumption habits.  Here’s some simple hints you can add to your list to reduce your footprint on the Earth:

  • Buy in bulk, purchase snack items and products you use often that come in one large box instead of multiple little ones, which is generally easier on the wallet.   Kids and adults alike will enjoy taking the trash out less and having large quantities of your favorite things around could mean fewer trips to the grocery store.  Also, buy packages that don’t have individually-wrapped self-servings inside, like chips.  You can just as easily buy a giant bag of chips and dole them out without wasting so much extra plastic and foil.
  • Ditch the wrapping paper.   People give gifts all year long for birthdays, anniversaries, showers, and other holidays, but torn wrapping paper takes up a lot of trash.  Look for organic, recycled and biodegradable gift wrap products or choose reusable gift bags.

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Find out how big your ecological footprint is:

If you wonder what your impact on the planet is, then you might want to take the:

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