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Right now, a mass of trash twice the size of Texas is floating in the Pacific Ocean. It has accumulated in an area known as the "North Pacific gyre" and it includes everything from tires to fishing nets, but the most common ingredient, by far, is plastic.

Did you know tips

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June 4, 2009

Ocean Pollution

From seagulls to pelicans and anemone,
Our oceans are full of Earth's creatures.
So let's keep them free of our trash
To preserve the ocean's best features!


70% of our planet is covered in water, but much of that water is impure. Due to dumping, littering and the continuous use of inorganic materials that do not break down easily, birds have become entangled in plastic bags and plastic soda can holders. Fish and other marine life have eaten other types of plastic and Styrofoam, choking or poisoning themselves on our careless mistakes. Here's what you can do to help:

  • Change your habits. Only carry reusable bags. One less plastic bag carting groceries to a beach bonfire could mean one less animal suffocating, choking, becoming injured or getting caught.
  • Pick up after yourself. If it's a windy day or an outside trash can is overflowing, carry your garbage indoors to a secure can so it won't blow away and become urban runoff.
  • Avoid fast food. Packing your own lunch in reusable containers saves money, is healthier, and creates less trash that could end up in a waterway near you.
  • Don't toss your trash in the water. Whether you're sailing, speed-boating, jet-skiing or cruising, make sure all your valuables, clothing, food and waste are secure and don't toss ANYTHING overboard - it's the only way to be a surefire ocean-lifesaver.

Check It Out

View a Greenpeace animation illustrating the disturbingly ever-growing trash vortex in the North Pacific:

Watch a robotic fish that may be able to help researchers detect pollution in the water:

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