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One home carbonator can make anywhere from 60 to 130 liters of soda, which is the same as 180 to 330 cans of soda.

Did you know tips

Smart Tips

April 23, 2009

Fizz Fizz

Before you crack open that can of pop
Do it yourself in a homemade soda shop
Make your own flavors for the family to savor
Reducing your footprint does the Earth a big favor.

Pop Pop

  • Whether you simply enjoy a bubbly drink or consider yourself a cola aficionado, its time to try making your own sodas at home. Not only delicious, but also eco-friendly, homemade sodas save on everything from bottled waters to wasteful packaging.
  • Every time a canned or bottled soda is enjoyed, quite a bit of energy is being consumed along with it. By using a home carbonation system, you are able to get a tastier product while saving out on less packaging and pollution created by the bottle beverage industry.
  • Home carbonation systems are not powered by batteries of electricity either, but instead operate completely on power supplied by compressed air in the carbonator. Empty carbonators are then returned to the manufacturer to be cleaned and refilled with CO2 drawn naturally from the air.


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