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Cats have nine lives and paper has about seven! It can be recycled and remade into different products several times, so before you throw any cardboard boxes, magazines, business cards, or junk mail into the trash, think about all the “lives” you could save by dropping it into a different bin!

Did you know tips

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July 8, 2008

Office Recycling Program

Straighten your tie, smooth out that hemp skirt,
Recycle that empty old crushed can of Squirt.
Get your coworkers’ Hancocks on a formal petition
To put bins in the copy room and in the kitchen!

Is your office still living in the 80’s? Desks covered in crumpled pieces of paper, soda cans littering the floor? Well fear not, our green friends. Reel your office into the 21st Century by starting a work recycling program. It doesn’t matter if you’re part of a multi-million dollar corporation or a small biz with two guys named John—your place of work can do its part to keep it green.

  • Recycling bins are a simple way to both feng shui and green up your office. You can even create your own out of an office order cardboard box.
  • It takes less time to print up a recycling sign for an extra bin in the office kitchen than it does to type up that crucial TPS Report. Take a five-minute breather from the “same old” and help turn your associates into mean, green recycling machines.
  • Don’t have a large enough company to warrant or afford visits from a recycling truck? Simply type up a rotating schedule for which employee should take the “goods” to the recycling center each week. Refunds for bottles and cans can be saved to throw a rockin’ office party at the end of the year!

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Office recycling boxes and bins:   &

The logistics of creating an office recycling program:

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