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Other ways to preserve your food throughout the year are drying and vacuum-sealing - you can buy or grow more and waste less!

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October 27, 2009

Canning, Freezing, Jams & Jellies

Your organic garden's
growing fruit a-plenty,
So why not can it for the winter,
And give gifts to few...or twenty!

If you have a fruit tree or an organic garden, now is the time to preserve your crop and make it last throughout the winter. By freezing, canning or making jams and jellies out of summer fruits, you can save money, reduce waste, give wonderful holiday gifts and make the most out of your garden.

  • Freezing fruit is the simplest way of keeping excess fruit from going to waste and there are many different ways to freeze it. Some fruits freeze more effectively than others, but the best way to eat them after freezing is to make a frozen fruit smoothie!
  • Canning fruit is a bit more complex, but can help you keep fruit (and even some veggies) for up to 1 year, if done correctly. Some fruits and vegetables must be pre-cooked for best results and others are okay to be canned raw with syrup.
  • Jams and preserves can be made with the help of pectin, sugar and some glass jars. While the process takes a lot of work, the pay-off is grand when you're able to stuff your friends' and families' stockings with a homemade eco-friendly gift.

If gardens and DIY preserves aren't your thing, you can buy tasty pre-made organic fruit spreads year-round.

These may not be the best choice for your jams and jellies, but recycled glass jars can be used for many other projects!



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