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Propylene glycol is a chemical used in many washes, creams and lotions, and is also a component of antifreeze and paint thinner.

Did you know tips

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September 25, 2008

Baby Talk

Babies have organic products too,
Just like their moms and dads do.
Shampoos, blankets, toys and food
Don’t forget who else to include…

Kid Approved

  • Many stores are stocking their shelves with more and more organic products, and lately they’re not just for mom and dad, but for kids too. Everything from baby formulas and food to shampoos and bubble bath, organic products have become a go-to essential for the in-the-know-parent.
  • Most organic shampoos and soaps are gentle enough on a baby's skin to avoid most allergies, whereas most traditional brand names are filled with all sorts of chemicals and perfumes that can often wreak havoc on their sensitive skin.
  • Next time you run out to grab some more baby food from your local market give organic a try. Your baby will never notice the difference and their diet will be chemical free.

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