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Consumers in Internet-connected households are paying more of their bills online than by paper check.

Save 13 million trees a year by signing up for online statements vs. paper.

Did you know tips

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June 3, 2008

Does Not Compute

The price of stamps keeps going up,
The landfills keep on digging down.
Make payments on your credit card,
Send Earth Day wishes to a friend.
It really isn’t all that hard
To save trees from a bitter end.

You sit at your computer all day sifting through junk mail and deleting spam, so what’s a few extra minutes to sign up for online banking? Most credit card companies and banks now offer online payments and statements. I know your eyes are tired from a long day of spinning in your desk chair, but set the vertigo aside and scan your next statement or bill for the web address that will allow you to save a few minutes, and over the course of the year, a few bucks, and over your lifetime, maybe even a few trees.

Frustrated about receiving paper statements and notifications in your mailbox? Sign up for online statements, and have an emptier mailbox and less clutter in your life.

Check It Out

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