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A National Retail Federation survey finds that consumers expect to devote an average of $56 each to Halloween fun, which will put a hefty $4.75 billion in retailers' goody bags.

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October 28, 2009

Make Your Own Halloween Costume

Witches, ghosts, and ghouls,
At home you have the tools,
Boxes, sheets, and brooms,
To create your own costumes!

No Costumes

Halloween costumes can span from super expensive to extremely cheap, from wasteful one-time use to sustainable fun. This year, why not enjoy a green Halloween by creating your own costume or by participating in a costume exchange?

  • Use household items to make a costume. Cardboard boxes, sheets, fabric, yarn, makeup, soda cans, and many other things found around the house can be used to create great costumes.
  • Visit a thrift store or create a closet costume. The not-so fashionable clothes found in thrift stores and the old clothes and sports uniforms found in your very own closet can become amazing and hilarious costume ideas.
  • Borrow a friend's work uniform. If you have a friend with a recognizable uniform, such as a fast food worker or a delivery person, ask them to borrow it.
  • Participate in a costume exchange in which costumes are swapped or given away. You can either organize your own with friends and family or join an existing exchange. has created an extensive online list of many ways to easily create free Halloween costumes.

Budget101 provides different recipes needed to easily create your own Halloween makeup and face paint.

Preschool Rock has set up the Halloween Costume Exchange that provides free, lightly used costumes for people of any age.



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