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Typical dryer sheets commonly include ingredients like benzyl acetate and alpha-terpineol, chemicals that are known to being linked to everything from pancreatic cancer to central nervous system damage.

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Did you know tips

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August 27, 2009


When it's time to get that laundry going,
And stop the hamper from overflowing,
Remember to pick eco-friendly suds that care,
And are as gentle on the skin as the clothes you'll wear.

Fluff and Fold

Next time you're about to throw in a load of laundry, add eco-friendly products to your fluff and fold routine. Try the few easy steps below to keep your clean clothes green.

  • Switch to natural laundry detergents and softeners. Your clothes will come out just as clean (and soft) without the use of harsh phosphates that are commonly found in typical laundry detergents.
  • When it's time to throw everything in the dryer, remember to use eco-friendly dryer sheets. Chlorine-free unbleached paper sheets are not only recyclable but can also be thrown into your compost bin.
  • Take greening your laundry a step further by always washing your clothes in cold water and air-drying them afterwards. You'll save money and energy by not heating up the water and giving the dryer a break.

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