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Plasma TVs burn about 33% more power than their LCD equivalent.

Did you know tips

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February 3, 2009

Green TV: LCD v Plasma

If you're thinking about an upgrade
On the TV you've had for a decade
Don't forget when debating which screen
To remember that LCD, not plasma, is green.

Lean Green Television Machine
If you're in the market for a new television after admiring your neighbor's during the big game, there are new Energy Star TVs available which will help keep your home green.

  • In general LCD televisions are a greener option when TV shopping. LCDs use fluorescent backlighting to produce images, while plasmas have to use electricity to light every pixel displayed on the monitor. This requires plasmas to use significantly more energy than an LCD.
  • LCDs also do well in brightly lit rooms (unlike the highly reflective screen of the plasma) making it a perfect fit for green homes featuring lots of natural light or windows.
  • When it comes to screen life, LCDs have plasmas beat there too. On average, LCD televisions have screen lives of 60,000 or more hours, while plasmas only average a screen life ranging from 30,000-60,000 hours, topping out where LCD begins.


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