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According to Loll Designs, approximately 8 plastic milk containers have been repurposed in each pound of weight in their chairs! So sip away - making your bones strong also helps Loll create strong recycled chairs!

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Did you know tips

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September 15, 2009

Got Milk Jugs?

Get your milk mustache on-drink it up, chug-a-lug,
But don't throw away your plastic milk jug.
Recycling milk jugs is a green thing for sure,
Their plastic even helps make furniture!

Milk it for All it's Worth

Eco-friendly companies are springing up all over, creating patio furniture made of 100% post-consumer materials, including recycled milk jugs, margarine containers, plastic garbage cans and more! The best part is, the furniture itself is recyclable!

  • Recycled milk jug furniture is not flimsy, nor does it resemble its translucent ancestry. Designs are generally contemporary, colorful, functional and sturdy.
  • Purchasing recycled patio furniture for a new building can help builders earn LEED certification, proving their environmental responsibility.
  • One seller of this recycled product, Loll Designs, plants a tree with every purchase to help offset their own CO2 emissions. They also use recycled/recyclable packaging materials and donate 1% of their sales to help support environmental organizations every year. So if you need new patio furniture, check out Loll for your greenest option!

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