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Those in support of vertical farming are also considering raising chickens, ducks, geese and even sea creatures alongside indoor crops.

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April 21, 2009

Vertical Farming
Most of our food grows outside and around
Across hundreds of miles with roots in the ground.
On land, weather and gas all our farmers rely,
What if instead crops grew up, inside, towards the sky?

Intellects at Columbia University aim to be the solution to our environmental woes by creating the first ever vertical farms inside city skyscrapers. If this sounds like a futuristic impossibility, consider the benefits of this amazing idea:

  • These multi-story organic greenhouses could lessen our environmental impact on the land as well as in the air-agricultural vehicles that pollute our air would not be required. Crops would simply be transported down to a local farmer's market, or heck, the first few stories of these buildings could even be devoted to their own markets, reducing carbon emissions from the food's travels.
  • Less water is needed to irrigate indoor crops!
  • Vertical farms are protected from the elements--rain, wind and fire aren't an issue behind transparent windows, not to mention insects and critters would be much less likely to attack!
  • The vast number of people that could be fed as well as employed by indoor vertical farming is astounding. If this concept proves successful in cities, maybe there is hope for introducing a similar concept for food pantries, homeless shelters and even third world countries, benefiting not only our environment, but humanity as a whole.

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Help support a future vertical farm in New York City:
Watch a video on how the vertical farming concept will work:

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