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A roundtrip direct flight (for one) from Los Angeles to New York can use any where from 1,200 to nearly 2,000 lbs of CO2 depending on what airline you take.

Did you know tips

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February 26, 2009

Beam Me Up: Terra Pass

Next time you hop on a plane
Or drive from California to Maine
Here's a simple green hint
On how to lower your CO2 footprint.

Round Trip Offsets

  • Before you head on your next flight or take the family on that cross country road trip think about picking up a Terra Pass to offset carbon emissions that are being used while you travel.
  • Companies such as Terra Pass enable consumers to offset the emissions they use by offering various packages tailored to fit your carbon neutral needs. By purchasing carbon offset credits Terra Pass funds clean energy projects like wind farms, which in turn lowers gas emissions.
  • Online travel websites such as Expedia have also gone green, guiding travelers on different eco-friendly hotels and vacation packages and offering them a chance to buy a Terra Pass as part of the package.

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Get Your Own Terra Pass:

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint:

Travel Green:

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