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Over the past 30 years, more than half of Latin America's traditional shade-grown coffee
farms have been converted to high-impact "sun coffee" farms to increase production.

Did you know tips

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April 1, 2009

Shady Coffee

When you're at the store consider what it's worth,
To buy coffee beans that respect Mother Earth.
You can make it the best part of waking up,
By pouring less of nature into your cup.

  • A great way to find a sustainable, shade-grown coffee brand is to take a look at a few bits of information found on the packaging itself. Important eco-friendly indicators include a certified seal of sustainability, country of origin, botanical variety, and price.
  • Choose a coffee brand marked with either an official Bird Friendly seal or a certified USDA organic seal. Brands approved by both are the best and can be found nationwide.
  • Choose a moderately priced, "100% Arabica" coffee. The majority of cheap coffee beans and "robusta" coffees are mass-produced and grown unsustainably.
  • Stay away from coffee beans originating from Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, or Vietnam. If your favorite coffee happens to be from one of these locations, you can also go to to find out if it is grown sustainably.

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