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By using natural pool cleaning alternatives, you will keep an average of 500-700 gallons of chlorine from entering the atmosphere, water, and soil per year.

Did you know tips

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August 12, 2009

Pool Chlorine Alternatives

Splish, Splash,
I'm developing a rash,
Red eyes and green hair,
It's time for natural pool care!

Marco...Polo...Chlorine Out of Water?

Danger lurks in our nation's swimming pools... It contaminates the earth's soil and water and it evaporates into the atmosphere where it eats away at the ozone layer. The culprit is chlorine and it is found in many popular swimming pool chemicals such as calcium and sodium hypochlorite. Protect your health and that of the environment by choosing natural pool cleaning alternatives.

  • Salt Water: Salt water or saline pools use small portions of salt to clean water through electrolysis. To some, this may not be the greenest option due to the fact that it still utilizes chlorine albeit in a natural, bacteria-fighting, and non-threatening form.
  • Ionization: Ionic pools use small amounts of metals such as copper and silver to kill bacteria and stop algal growth.
  • Oxidation: Oxidation pools use UV light or electricity to produce ozone, which disinfects the water.
  • Sonic Waves: New sonic wave pools use specific patterns of sound waves to kill algae and contaminants.
  • Natural Pools: Natural or green pools use external or internal plants to create mini ecosystems that enrich the pool water with oxygen, support beneficial bacteria that consume debris and contaminants, and deprive algae of nutrients.
  • Natural Products: If you do not want to convert to a new system, one option is to use natural cleaning products such as PristineBlue and Natural Chemistry.

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