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According to the Wine Institute, in 2008, total U.S. wine consumption per person was 2.48 gallons - that equates to a total of 753 million gallons of wine consumed in.

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November 25, 2009

Organic Wines

Between you and me,
Let me throw you a vine,
Sustainability is the key,
Order a glass of green wine!

Wineries Uncork Sustainability

With the popularity of wine, it is important to ensure that wineries are using sustainable agricultural methods. By supporting wineries that implement sustainable, natural, biodynamic, and organic practices, you help ensure the economic, environmental, and societal viability of the wine community.

  • California is leading the sustainable winery charge. The Green Wine Summit and the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance have been established to promote and establish the benefits of sustainable winegrowing practices.
  • In Oregon, wine sustainability is not a buzzword. A wine labeled an Oregon Certified Sustainable Wine (OCSW) is ensured to have been produced using environmentally responsible agricultural and winemaking practices.
  • Australia has numerous sustainable wineries. All across the continent, wineries are producing amazing wine blends from organic grapes.
  • You can find organic wineries all over the world. Fork & Bottle has compiled an extensive master list of 529 natural and biodynamic wine producers from across the globe.

The Organic Wine Company will deliver you world-class organically grown wines from all over the world.

The USDA offers extensive information on sustainable viticulture from the leaders in sustainable grape culture.



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