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December 9, 2009

Top 10 Green Gifts Under $20

The holidays are here,
Need help with a gift?
Shop green this year,
Give your wallet a lift! 

Season's Greenings 

As hard economic times continue, why not save some green by shopping green? We have compiled our top 10 green gifts under $20 that will show your friends, family, and the Earth that you truly care.

  1. Natural Body Care Sets: Burt's Bees offers a wide range of natural body care kits for everyone on your gift list.
    Price: $13 - $15
  2. Bamboo Serving Dishes: Totally Bamboo has handcrafted a gorgeous gift set of serving dishes. 
    Price: $19
  3. Reusable Bamboo Utensil Set: To-Go Ware's RePEaT bamboo utensil set is a great sustainable option for life on the go. Price: $12
  4. Clean Breaks: 500 New Ways To See The World: This must-have book by Jeremy Smith and Richard Hammond provides inspiration for 500 extraordinary trips and destinations that support local culture, economy, and environment. Price: $20.00 
  5. Kitchen Herbs Windowsill Kit: Buzzy's offers three great windowsill herb kits that include a fragrant herbs garden, kitchen herbs garden, and a salsa garden.  Price: $10
  6. Banana Paper Stationary Set: EcoPaper offers an eco-friendly gift box set of stationary made from banana plantations' agricultural waste. Price: $11
  7. USB Rechargeable AA Battery 2-Pack: Moxia has created a revolutionary AA battery that recharges through any USB port making it a great gift for video gamers. Price: $20
  8. Solar Powered Children's Toy: The Frightened Grasshopper Solar Powered Bug is a build-it-yourself educational robot and mini solar kit for first-time science experimenters. Price: $11
  9. Earth-Friendly Golf Ball Set:  Wilson's Eco-Core Maximum Distance Golf Balls are the world's first golf ball made from recycled rubber tires.
    Price: $15.00
  10. Recycled Record Coasters: Perfect for the music lover, each set of laminated coasters are made from real recycled records. Price: $18.00

Plant a Rainforest Tree: The Natural Resources Defense Council will plant a tree in a rainforest in Costa Rica in the name of a friend or family member.

Carbon Offsets: The allows you to give the unbelievable tax-deductible gift of a certifiable carbon offset.


Brighten your home, school or office with this eco-friendly winter white wreath.

LightKeeper Pro is the first product to FIX defects in a light set with the squeeze of a trigger.


Open it to the sun, plug in your gear and power up miles from the nearest outlet.


A simple, beautiful way to carry your water with awareness for your health and for our planet.

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