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The ratio of alcohol to land is roughly one bottle to 23 square feet, meaning that it takes 23 square feet of farmland to grow enough wheat (or similar grain) to make one 750ml bottle of 80 proof vodka.

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December 16, 2009

Eco-Friendly Spirits & Liquors 

Holiday parties are here,
Cocktails and good cheer,
How about a twist of green?
Eco-spirits are on the scene.

Organic Holiday Spirit

Whether it's an office party, a gathering at your home, or just a night out with that special someone, drink responsibly and environmentally this holiday season by enjoying eco-friendly organic spirits. 

Organic Vodka - Rain Organic Vodka offers a wonderful variety of organic vodkas distilled exclusively from 100% certified organic white corn.

Organic Rum - Eco-consciously produced in a remote area of Paraguay, Papagayo Organic Rum is the world's first rum fermented using only organic sugarcane. 

Organic Tequila - No margarita is complete without a bottle of 4 Copas Tequila, made from 100% certified organic blue agave plants.

Organic Gin - The Tru Organic Spirits Company will plant a tree for each bottle purchased of its handcrafted, eco-friendly, organic TRU2 Gin.

Planet Green provides an extensive list of eco-friendly spirits and healthy green cocktail recipes. investigates the new growing trend for eco-conscious cocktails.


LightKeeper Pro is the first product to FIX defects in a light set with the squeeze of a trigger.


Brighten your home, school or office with this eco-friendly winter white wreath.



Our greencookingpots are made of enameled cast iron and are free of any chemicals.


The natural abrasives in these scrubbing cloths make for a resilient kitchen utility.

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