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Traditional oven cleaners contain dangerous chemicals like methylene chloride, petroleum distillates and lye, which are corrosive to your skin, eyes, and when inhaled, internal organs.

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December 31, 2009

Green Potion

The holidays have finally come to a close,
And it's time to clean your ovens and stoves
Don't forget to use eco-friendly cleaners
And help keep your kitchen a little bit greener.

Eco-Friendly Oven Cleaners

Now that the holidays are finally over it's time to tackle the place where so many delicious meals have recently taken place... the oven (and stovetop).

  • Eco-friendly cleaners can help keep your oven squeaky clean while also protecting your family from toxic chemicals. Cleaners like Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste are able to get the toughest messes off using only natural ingredients.
  • Kitchen cleaning pads need to be another asset in your cleaning arsenal. No matter what the stain or surface, they'll be able to safely help you clean your kitchen.
  • Make your own all-purpose cleaner for less intense kitchen battles. Mix baking soda and water to make a paste and apply over the walls and bottom of the oven.  Allow to sit overnight and wipe off with a rag or sponge.

Shaklee offers all-natural cleaning products for any mess in the home.

Goodbye Detergent has the original spaghetti scrubs and a variety of kitchen cleaning scrubs for any surface or mess in the home.

Greenworks natural multi surface cleaner is made from all natural ingredients and is safe to use on anything from the kitchen to wood floors.



The natural abrasives in these scrubbing cloths make for a resilient kitchen utility.


Our greencookingpots are made of enameled cast iron and are free of any chemicals.


Eco-Useable offers reusable eco-friendly products, to reduce the carbon footprint for the future generations.

Use again and again. Giant 20" x 28" all cotton dish towel, screenprinted with water-based, non-toxic inks.

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