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Petroleum is a common ingredient found in your favorite traditional lip balm products. Often linked to cancer, it's something that should stay from your lips.

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January 14, 2010

All-Natural Lip Balm

Here's an eco-friendly tip
On how to avoid chapped lips
Try using an all-natural lip balm
To keep your pucker nice and calm.

Pucker Up

With winter officially upon us, it's time to take proper measures in keeping our lips moisturized. Try out a natural lip balm as a way to ward off chapped lips during the blistery winter season.

  • Natural Lip Balm is a greener way to keep your lips soft and healthy. Made from natural products like beeswax, honey or peppermint, they're able to keep lips moisturized without using any harmful additives.
  • Vitamin E and shea butter are all-natural moisturizers often used as a main ingredient in many natural lip balms. Don't forget to read the label on the products you're buying to make sure that nothing harmful is reaching your lips.
  • Make your own lip balm if you're feeling crafty and creative. Made by melting beeswax, almond oil and your favorite essential oil fragrances together, you'll feel better knowing exactly what's going on your skin.

Burt's Bees has a variety of options to choose from for all your lip care needs whether you're braving the cold or headed out for the night.

Bee Natural Store has wonderfully moisturizing lip balms and beauty products to keep skin feeling fresh.

Badger offers customers fun flavors like Tangerine Breeze, Ginger Lemon and Chai Rose.


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