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An inconceivable amount of paper towels are used and thrown away each year in the U.S. - approximately 1 million tons.

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February 2, 2010

Bring Your Own Towels

Wash'em and dry'em
But hands-down no way
Don't throw any more
Paper towels away!

Paper products occupy up to 40% of the space in our landfills, including the paper towels you dry your hands with at work, at the movies, and when you eat out. When eco-friendly hand driers and the legs of your pants aren't an option, what's a green person to do to help out the environment and avoid chapped, dry hands?

  • Bathroom Hand Towels - It's time to employ the same hand-drying habits we use at home - after all, how many people have paper towel dispensers in their own bathrooms? Bring a small hand towel to work with you and clip it to your bag or put a hook inside your cubicle. If you generally use 8 paper towels each work day, you could save nearly 200 paper towels each month by bringing in your own towel!
  • People Towels is a company that sells sets of eco-friendly quick-drying towels as well as clips so that you can carry them with you wherever you go. If everyone used these towels to dry their hands, there would be significantly less deforestation, polluted water and methane gas - all of which are consequences of the manufacturing and decomposing of paper towels.
  • Green Your Office - Start a trend at the office by buying a pack of People Towels and sharing them with your coworkers. The more people that use them, the less money your company has to spend on restocking the towels in the restrooms, and the greener your business will be!

Submit your designs to the People Towels Earth Day Design Contest for a chance to win money while supporting a great cause!

Purchase eco-friendly bamboo bathroom towels for your home or take the hand towels with you wherever you go!


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