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Newsweek's Green Corporation Ranking List ranks Chevron as No. 371 out of 500 U.S. corporations. However, thanks to green washing, Chevron is No. 62 in green reputation.

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February 3, 2010

Green Washing

Lies slip through the crack,
Cause green is the new black,
Don't believe everything,
Beware of greenwashing!

The Corporate Spin-Cycle

These days, consumers are constantly bombarded by companies, products, services, and ad campaigns that claim to be green or environmentally friendly. However, too often companies and corporations practice "green washing," which according to Greenpeace is the "cynical use of environmental themes to whitewash corporate misbehavior." Here are a few ways from Greenpeace to spot these environmental frauds.

  • Dirty Business - Stay away from companies who tout themselves as green when the service or product they offer is inherently bad for the environment.
  • Ad Bluster - This happens when a company spends more time and money marketing an environmental achievement then it did actually doing it. Many times this is used as a way to focus on one environmental success while many failures are swept under the rug.
  • Political Spin - This is the act of advertising, endorsing, or speaking about green commitments or programs while lobbying against pending or current environmental legislation.
  • It's the Law Stupid - Many companies will advertise or brand their environmental achievements as voluntary or proactive. In reality, they have been forced to comply by mandated environmental regulations. has been established to continue Greenpeace's 35-year effort to monitor, confront, and stop corporate greenwashing.

Newsweek has released their exclusive environmental rankings of 500 of America's largest corporations.


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