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February 4, 2010

Eco-Super Bowl

It's almost time for the big game
But your menu's looking kind of lame
Keep your tailgating parties green
By serving fans eco-friendly cuisine.

Tailgating Party

It's time to start prepping for the big game this Sunday, and there's no better way to fill fan's stomachs than with an eco-friendly tailgating party.

  • Organic recipes are one of the easiest ways to keep your party green without anyone even noticing. Make your favorite dips and decadent desserts with all organic ingredients and you'll have fans cheering before the game even begins.
  • Finger foods are always a crowd favorite and have the added bonus of requiring no plastic utensils or paper plates. Serve bite sized sliders and miniature cupcakes for fans to munch on instead of slaving away on the grill all afternoon.
  • Remember to recycle all cans, bottles and paper products used by partygoers. Double check that items like aluminum foil (which usually gets tossed) are out in the bin with the rest of the recyclables.

Organic Authority offers up a variety of delicious recipes and ideas, perfect for throwing any kind of party.

The Huffington Post has a few more ideas for party revelers on how to get the most out of tailgating, while also staying eco-friendly.

Planet Green gives beer lovers tips on how to go green while still enjoying a cold brew.



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