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You can buy cards and send them back to the manufacturer to be reused as the backing on carpeting!

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February 9, 2010

Green Valentines

Cards aren't forever
But trees live long lives
Keep this Valentine's green
For lovers, husbands and wives!

Rather than wasting money and resources on paper Valentine's Day cards, dozens of roses, and balloons, use a little green creativity and give your special someone a unique Valentine's Day memory.

  • Plant a tree in your significant other's name. Help promote reforestation while giving your honey a thoughtful earth-friendly V-Day gift.
  • Romantic picnics are always a wonderful surprise to give your love muffin on Valentine's Day. Pack your reusable dishes and utensils, cloth napkins, and an organic meal to keep your picnic clean and green.
  • The World Wildlife Fund accepts donations for symbolic adoptions of endangered species. Adopt one of 100 endangered animals to help with the WWF's conservation efforts worldwide. What Valentine wouldn't want to save a cuddly polar bear this February 14th? If you spend $75 or more, you will even receive a reusable bag along with your gift adoption.
  • Flower seed packets are an inexpensive Valentine's gift idea. Wrap them with a bow and tell your sweetheart you'd like to plant the seeds together and watch them bloom as your love grows too. Consider also growing herbs or an organic vegetable garden together!

Save a stamp and the gas it would take you to get to the card store - send one of these awesome Valentine's Day e-cards instead!

Order all-natural Valentine's Day candy, such as fair trade heart chocolates, organic cotton candy, and fruit tarts.


Japanese fashion shoelaces handmade from vintage reclaimed kimono fabric.

Eco-Useable offers reusable eco-friendly products, to reduce the carbon footprint for the future generations.


Use again and again. Giant 20" x 28" all cotton dish towel, screenprinted with water-based, non-toxic inks.

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