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Over the six month growing season-a typical home garden will produce $2000 worth of food. This equates to roughly 830 pounds of organic food grown by you!

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February 17, 2010

Farmscape Gardens

Hey, I beg your pardon,
It's easy to start a garden,
Show the earth gratitude,
By growing your own food.

Grow Your Own

A California-based company called Farmscape is leading the charge on organic home gardens. Farmscape installs raised-bed vegetable gardens in your front or backyard and offers organic-method garden maintenance and consulting. Check out the many benefits of growing organic food in your own yard.

  • Localize your diet - No longer will you or your household wonder where your food came from.
  • Beautify your yard - Food crops, especially in a multi-crop garden are beautiful and functional.
  • Enjoy quality produce - Your produce will not only be rich in vitamins and nutrients but will also be free of synthetic pesticides and hormones.
  • Protect our environment - You will be protecting our nation's deteriorating topsoil and conserving water through drip irrigation.
  • Save money - A home garden costs less to maintain than a normal lawn and allows you to save money on groceries and gas costs.

Organic Home Gardner provides you with all you need to know about organic gardening


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