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Last year, the Patrón GT3 Challenge hosted by Yokohama used only 911 Porsche race cars outfitted with Yokohama ADVAN ®ENV-R1 orange oil infused tires.

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February 24, 2010

Eco-Friendly Tires

Natural tires can't be beat
So don't roll down the street
With rubber tires on the car
Orange peels will get you far!

Rolling on Oranges

After countless years of petroleum-based tires tearing up the streets, the world's first high performance tire is here that incorporates sustainable technology. The tire company Yokohama offers the dB Super E-specTM orange oil passenger car tire, which is composed of 80 percent non-petroleum based materials.

  • The dB Super E-spec tire is composed of a combination of oil from orange peels and natural rubber.
  • Saves you money by allowing consumers to save gas at the pump due to a 20 percent reduction in rolling resistance.
  • Saves the environment due to the fact that every gallon of gas saved by the tire translates into approximately 20 fewer pounds of CO2 released into the atmosphere.
  • The tire fits popular hybrids and other vehicles such as the Toyota Prius, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Honda Civic Hybrid/Civic GX NGV, Honda Accord Hybrid, Nissan Versa, and the VW Golf.

Yokohama offers detailed information on its dB Super E-spec orange oil tire.



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