Simple Steps to Greener Living

About 90 percent of the energy used when washing clothes in the laundry machine is used for heating water. 

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March 11, 2010

Think Green

Remember to always keep thinking green
And make it a part of your normal routine
Whether you're at home or headed to work,
An eco-lifestyle has lots of great perks.


  • Home life is one of the easiest places to get started in your quest to think green. Simple tips like remembering to turn off the lights (and those pesky TV's), to taking shorter showers and using cold water for washing clothes can make a big difference.  Take it a step further by switching to products that support an eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • The office is another place you can start going green.  Bring your own coffee mug (and silverware) or spearhead a campaign to recycle bottles and cans piling up around the break room.  If it's an option, try carpooling with a coworker that lives in the neighborhood. 
  • Enjoy yourself while also staying in line with your eco-lifestyle.  Plant a garden, go for a bike ride or grab some friends for a weekend hike.  Challenge yourself to find a way to make your favorite activities and hobbies more eco-friendly.

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