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It's been estimated that insulating window film can reduce heat from the sun's rays up to 72%, a great way to prepare your home for summer.

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March 23, 2010

Draft Resistance

Snow is melting; days are long
And warmer weather's here.
So seal those leaks; prepare A/C
And get your house into greener gear!

Seal'em Up

Summer temperatures are not too far off, so it's a good time to check again for leaks to avoid wasting precious air conditioning (and dollars) on extra hot air creeping its way in.

  • You can easily check for leaks yourself. First, eliminate the extra air in rooms by turning on an exhaust fan or even a window fan facing out.
  • Then, turn the fans off and light a stick of natural incense. Watch the smoke stream near doors, windows and other places around your home where drafts can make their way in. If the smoke stream is not moving upwards, there is likely a leak.
  • If you find that there are leaks, seal them with an eco-friendly insulation foam or by weather-stripping the cracks.
  • With less hot air coming in, you'll waste less money using extra air-conditioning and will keep the cooler air from escaping so quickly!

Check out this page for more eco-friendly tips on sealing the air leaks in your home.

Energy Star
provides helpful information on sealing leaks as well as air ducts.


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