Simple Steps to Greener Living

In 2008, the Huffington Post reported that the United States' energy consumption was over a quarter of the total energy consumed on Earth.

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March 30, 2010

State of the Union

If you want to be as green
as green can be,
Then you'll seek out more ways
to save energy.

These days, there's little excuse for not incorporating some energy-saving habits into your daily life. Beginning with decisions made by the government and filtering throughout department stores and home improvement stores near you, it's no longer a struggle to be green in the U.S.

  • Purchasing Energy Star appliances, installing solar panels and making other energy-efficient changes around your home may make you eligible for certain rebates and tax credits.
  • DIY Landscaping can actually have a significant effect on lowering your household energy consumption. Effectively planted trees and shrubbery can provide shade and lessen the need to use so much air-conditioning in the summer. They can also help shield your house from cold winds that seep through the cracks in the winter. Remember to water your lawn and plants in the morning to conserve water and you'll lose less of the irrigation to evaporation.
  • Living in an apartment is no longer an excuse for not participating in eco-friendly habits. You can still easily reduce your electric bill and energy consumption by properly insulating around windows and doors, using energy-efficient heating and cooling and installing CFLs into all of your lamps.
  • In addition to making changes around your home and workplace, encourage your place of worship to become more energy-efficient as well. With a little of your advice, your church, synagogue or mosque can be more environmentally-friendly and may even save some much-needed funds for the organization.

Perform a DIY Home Energy Audit to determine where you're losing the most energy and how you can save in more ways than one.

Discover the multitude of ways in which you can save energy in your home, work, church, vehicle, etc. by visiting the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Savers home page.


Petal Drops using soda bottles, easily and elegantly captures rain water and repurpose it for watering plants.

Open it to the sun, plug in your gear and power up miles from the nearest outlet.


Sonic Fabric, a textile made from recycled audio cassette tape.

The Powerplus Pelican is solar powered so it is ready for use at anytime without worrying about batteries.

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