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Many of the conventional egg dyes for sale are made from potentially harmful coloring agents, such as FD&C Red No. 40 and ingredients derived from petroleum.

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April 1, 2010

Natural Easter Egg Dye

Every year the kids always beg
Can we finally dye our Easter eggs?
Try testing out a new holiday routine
Use natural dye to keep the family green.

Easter Egg Designs

Like all of our favorite holidays there are fun ways to stay eco-friendly without sacrificing long-standing traditions. This year try testing some new green ideas with kids and family over the Easter holiday.

  • Natural egg dyes are the way to go if your family dyes eggs for the holidays. Dyed using regular food that's available at the grocery store, it's a healthier (and tastier) way to decorate your eggs. Make it fun by experimenting with spices and fruits to see what colors your family can come up with.
  • Painted eggs are another fantastic way to get creative while staying eco-friendly. Use non-toxic paints or even the kids' favorite markers to draw your favorite designs on those coveted eggs.
  • Think outside the box and reinvent the way your family decorates eggs. Try an artist's approach and use materials like noodles or beans to create amazing patterns and designs. Spice things up by having a contest for who can create the most unique Easter egg!

Martha Stewart offers great tips on how to get a variety of colors using fruits and spices.

Savvy Café has great inspiration for original ideas on how to make your Easter eggs unique.

eHow has advice on how to use a creative sponge paint technique on eggs this year.


Petal Drops using soda bottles, easily and elegantly captures rain water and repurpose it for watering plants.

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Sonic Fabric, a textile made from recycled audio cassette tape.

The Powerplus Pelican is solar powered so it is ready for use at anytime without worrying about batteries.

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