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Since 1945, total U.S. crop losses from insect damage have nearly doubled. During the same time, insecticide use has increased tenfold. Today, seventy-one known carcinogenic pesticides are sprayed on food crops.

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April 7, 2010

Organic Spices

Let me ask you, dude,
Do you like toxic food?
Want to be chemical-free?
Use spices grown organically!

The Spice of Life

We have all heard of the importance and benefits of eating organic foods but we often forget to also be sure that our spices are grown sustainably and organically. Season your favorite meals with organic spices that not only taste better but are also better for you and the planet.

  • Chemical & Pesticide Free - Most conventional food manufacturers utilize toxic chemicals to sterilize spices. The most frequently used chemical is ethylene oxide, a gas that can leave harmful residues on spices and which can cause cancer in the workers applying it.
  • No Irradiation - Approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in 1983, irradiation is the process of killing food contaminants by exposing spices to up to a million rays of ionizing radiation. This is equivalent to one billion chest x-rays!
  • Uses Safe Sterilization Methods - Most organic spice companies sterilize and decontaminate their spices with steam heat. Additionally they eliminate contamination at the source by ensuring sanitary conditions at the farms.
  • No Unnatural Substitutes - Organic spices do not contain fillers, synthetic anti-caking agents, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They are also free of genetically modified ingredients.
  • Supports Sustainable Agriculture - Organically grown spices ensure healthy soil through crop rotation, composting methods, and by relying on natural life cycles to help foster bountiful harvests.

Frontier Natural Products offers a variety of organic and fair-trade spices.

Saks Fifth Avenue sells three amazingly cheap organic spice sets.


We use naturally derived ingredients whenever possible from corn, sugar cane, coconut and palm.

Use again and again. Giant 20" x 28" all cotton dish towel, screenprinted with water-based, non-toxic inks.


The natural abrasives in these scrubbing cloths make for a resilient kitchen utility.

Indoor compact composting system made from 75% Recycled Plastic with Efficient Microbes (EM).

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