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If every U.S. consumer properly recycled each aerosol can they purchased, approximately 400,000 cars could be manufactured from the extra steel.

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April 13, 2010

Aerosol Can Disposal

Improper disposal of aerosol cans
May ruin Earth's future and all our green plans
Don't toss'em out full; they could harm our air,
Recycle the cans and be smart, don't despair!

While a vast majority of aerosol cans still in use do not contain CFCs, it's still not a wise choice to throw them out when a chemical product remains inside. For the good of our environment, follow these simple tips when you're ready to dispose of your favorite disinfectants, hardware chemicals, graffiti tools and hairspray cans.

  • Use up all of the product before getting rid of the aerosol can. Cans that still contain product can explode in landfills, seeping chemicals into the soil.
  • Check to locate your nearest Household Hazardous Waste Collection site or recycling center where aerosol cans are accepted. If there is not a convenient site local to your area...
  • ....follow the instructions on the can. DO NOT experiment by tossing your aerosol cans into your weekend barbecue pit or living room fireplace - they can explode, injuring anyone nearby and emitting harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.
  • If you're able to avoid purchasing items that come from aerosol cans, there are many ways to create all-natural cleansers and hair products and spray them from a reusable bottle.

Aerosolv is an aerosol can recycling technology that is a fantastic green idea for manufacturing plants and companies that go through aerosol cans quicker than toilet paper.

Check out this recipe for DIY hand sanitizer and disinfectant - and quit buying the aerosol can disinfectant sprays!


The Green Microgym provides
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