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About 80% of all women are wearing the wrong size bra, usually because they've never been measured or assume that bodies haven't changed over the years.

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April 15, 2010

Bosom buddies

This year when you're spring cleaning
Give organizing drawers a new meaning
Gather up bras that never really fit
There's probably more than you're willing to admit.

Recycle Your Bra
This year when you're organizing your closet don't let your bra drawer go unnoticed. Instead grab all those bras that you never even wear and donate them to someone in need.

  • Closet cleaning almost always ends with half your clothes on the floor and the immediate need for a new wardrobe. Just don't forget to also check your unmentionable drawers. Bras are often overlooked but usually if you check, there's at least one or two (or four) that you've never even worn. Instead of tossing it or letting it take up space, donate it to somebody in need.
  • Know your size and avoid this problem in the future. Many women have drawers full of bras that never fit in a variety of colors and patterns. Get measured at a store and keep your drawers stocked with the right sizes. If you've been pregnant, donate nursing bras to somebody who could get use from it now.
  • Wash your clothes before donating them. This goes for all donated clothing, but in particular with personal items. Throw them in the washing machine for a quick round and then package them up for a trip to a donation site. Take it a step further and try thinking of other unconventional items that can be donated along with your bras.

The Bra Recyclers have developed a unique Bosom Buddy program to get the bras you donate where they're needed the most, like women's shelters or donation programs.

Mother Nature Network
has some great tips on why donating is so important. Head online to get more background on the subject.

National Geographic
offers riveting facts on the secret history of the brassiere.


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