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Cell Phone Recycling
Can Help
African Gorillas

Cell Phones include coltan, a mineral extracted in the deep forests of the Congo in central Africa, home to the world's endangered lowland gorillas.

A worldwide cell phone demand is contributing to a reduction of their habitat and slaughter of great apes for the illegal bush-meat trade.


Did you know tips

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February 5, 2008

Cell Phones for Soldiers

Did you know that the average lifespan of a cell phone in this country is about 18 months and 130 million old cell phones end up in a landfill.

Let's keep these old cell phones out of the landfill and send phone cards to our troops who need them the most.

Cell Phones for Soldiers is a program that was started in 2004. This program collects your old cell phones and recycles them, keeping copious amounts of harmful toxins from releasing themselves into our atmosphere.

With every five dollars a cell phone brings in, calling card minutes are purchased for our troops. 


It doesn’t matter what your political stance is, a phone call  home to Mom or an “I Love You” from your best girl is worth this effort. 


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Cell Phones For Soilders

We pay for printer cartridges and cell phones

Cell Phone Recycling

Used Cell Phones and Used Mobile Phones

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