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It's estimated that the U.S. goes through 100 billion plastic shopping bags annually with about 12 million barrels of oil required to make that many!

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April 29, 2010

Plastic Yarn

If you're always looking for ways to go green
Make it a part of your arts and crafts routine
Crochet your own bag by making plastic into yarn
Those in the know are knitting with plarn.

"Plarn" for Weaving

Whether you're an arts and crafts expert or just looking for a little weekend fun, try crocheting your own plarn bag, weaved together from old plastic bags. From carrying groceries to beach supplies, you'll be pleased to see all the uses for your crafty work.

  • Create your own bag by gathering all those old plastic bags from around the house. Trim off the top of the bag and cut even strips out of the plastic bag. Intertwine two of the strips and pull through creating little knots. Before you know it, you'll have your own large ball of plastic yarn.
  • Summer totes are not only practical but are also a fantastic summer accessory. Use colorful bags to create interesting patterns and change up the shapes and sizes. Not only will you have the greenest bag possible, but you'll have everyone wondering where you got it!
  • Give as gifts, or have a fun unique activity day for the kids. In addition to learning how to knit, you'll also have a new bag to stash all their gear in when it's time to run out the door. Take it a step further and use as goody bags at birthday parties or holidays!


Etsy has fun ideas on how to create your very own crocheted plarn bags.

My Recycled Bags offers excellent instructions on how to make your very own eco-chic plastic totes.


Sonic Fabric, a textile made from recycled audio cassette tape.

Instructional DVD with 11 projects friendly to the Earth and your budget.


Indoor compact composting system made from 75% Recycled Plastic with Efficient Microbes (EM).

Purse made of aluminum can tabs is a sleek, handcrafted line of women's bags made from recycled aluminum tabs.

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