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By switching to a hybrid electric water heater you can save about $250 on your energy bills annually. Over a ten year period you could save $2,500 in energy costs.

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May 13, 2010

Energy-Efficient Showers

Every time you're taking a hot shower
There's a new way you can lower the power
Energy-efficient heaters will save on your bills
While showing off your eco-homeowner skills.

Hybrid Water Heaters

If one of your favorite ways to unwind or wake up in the morning is to stand under a hot shower for extensive blocks of time, you may want to strongly consider getting a hybrid water heater as a way to conserve energy usage.

  • New hybrid electric water heaters are able to provide the same amount of hot water as the standard water heater but with only half the energy consumed. In addition to saving on energy you'll also save major bucks on bills.
  • Hybrid technology is actually designed to absorb heat traveling throughout the surrounding air and transfer it into the water. Since it requires signifcantly less energy to absorb and transfer heat than it does to generate it, hybrid heaters do the same job as standard heaters while using less energy.
  • Energy Star standards are so important because home water heating is one of the largest sources of energy consumption in our homes. Second only to residential heating and cooling, inefficient water heaters can be one of the largest energy drains in the home.

GE is introducing its Hybrid Electric Water Heaters to homeowners as a way to keep in line with rest of their energy efficient appliances.

TLC's How Stuff Works explores how exactly hybrid water heaters work.

Popular Science offers insights into how and why hybrid water heaters are the best choice for your home.



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