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If you don't have the resources for home farming, check out one of the several thousand community gardens that now exist across the United States.


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May 18, 2010

Home Farming

Organic vegetables and herbs
Grown in the city or the ‘burbs
Taste great in casseroles and stews
Give home farming a shot and you won't lose!

Home farming has really grown in popularity over the past year, sprouting up across the U.S., saving families money, and providing them with both a wonderful outdoor hobby as well as delicious pesticide-free produce. But if you weren't born with a green thumb and don't have any prior growing experience, starting your home garden can be a daunting task. Here's a great place to start:

  • With the help of Kraft, Triscuit is promoting the home gardening movement by including packets of both dill and basil seeds in specially-marked packages of their crackers.
  • Their home farming website offers instructions on how to plant these seeds, as well as advice on additional crops that can be farmed at home, recipes, community forums, step-by-step videos and more!
  • Recognizing that everyone has a different living situation, the home farming site created forums for people who have raised bed gardens, container gardens and even indoor gardens, so you can choose which might work best for you.
  • Without the need to constantly drive to the store for.

Get some great tips on container gardening and reuse some things from around the house to make your green garden grow.

Follow along with this Florida home farmer's blogging site and find out more about organic gardening and natural pest controls.


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