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About 80 percent of the world's natural fish stocks are fully or almost completely over-exploited, and some species, such as the blue fin tuna or beluga sturgeon are not listed as critically endangered.

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June 3, 2010

Good Fish Bad Fish

If you're getting something to eat
But not looking for any red meat
Seafood's always has a delicious appeal
Make sustainable fish part of your meal.

Sustainable Seafood

If seafood is one of your favorite foods, or you're looking to expand your palette from the usual meat and potatoes, try enjoying sustainable fish as part of your weekly routine.

  • Rating systems have made it even easier to make sure the fish you're eating originated from a sustainable environment. Find out if the fish you're about to enjoy is on an endangered species list, or even if it's farmed or from freshwater.
  • Restaurants are even scored on whether they provide the full information on the fish they are serving. If a restaurant declines to participate in the survey, you can still find out if your favorite local eateries provide the quality of fish you're looking for by checking on the site.
  • Sustainable seafood can also be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Head to your local farmers market and prepare a sustainable feast for your family to enjoy. Just follow a few simple steps and before you know it you'll be enjoying seared scallops for dinner.


Fish2Fork has created a comprehensive ratings guide to eating seafood at all of your favorite restaurants.
The Environmental Defense Fund has created a database of fish listing which are most eco-conscious.


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