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Modern gaming consoles consume more power, dissipate more and more heat and cause a lot more noise with their cooling systems compared to their brethren a decade ago.

Did you know tips

Smart Tips

May 15, 2008


Hey there, video game warriors and virtual storytellers
If you ever feel the need to put down the controller
Remember to hit the power switch before you turn the corner
Soon you’ll be able to save enough dollars to buy new games to conquer.

Game on/Game off:

  •  An important rule of thumb is to always turn off systems when they’re not being used. Not only will it save on your bills, but combined with the rest of the gaming community it can have a huge impact on saving energy.
  • Turning the power off the console is actually just one step in trying to shut down the flow of electricity entering the room. Power strips have allowed us to plug many items into one space (like a television and videogame) but they unfortunately allow a trickle of electricity to still flow through. By turning off a power strip you could help eliminate a trickle that would save about a billion a year in wasted electricity.
  •  Gamers could also try “auto-switching” power strips which shut down when the primary appliance is turned off. If every home switched to these energy efficient power strips we could save enough to power forty-thousand homes a year. 


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Ten Ways to Turn Your Gaming Green

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