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On May 27th, President Obama halted exploratory drilling off Alaska's coast through at least the remainder of the year.

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June 8, 2010

Oil Spills

Drive hybrids and electric cars
Ride your bike or walk to work
Remove the need for offshore drills
And keep our oceans free of murk.

With the BP oil spill disaster a huge part of world news over the past few weeks, we thought it pertinent to provide you with some ways that you can help clean our oceans, protect our wildlife and support the organizations that are trying their hardest to clean up and green up this massive spill.

  • Purchase Dawn Dish Soap, wildlife rescuers' preferred cleaning product for getting oil out of the feathers of birds, among other wildlife and sea creatures. For a limited time, for every bottle of Dawn purchased, $1 will be donated to the Marine Mammal Center or International Bird Rescue Research Center - all you have to do is use Dawn and activate your donation by following some simple steps.
  • Go get a haircut. Why, you ask? Hair placed inside of panty hose is actually a very effective and natural way of soaking up oil spills in our oceans. Check with your local barbershop or salon to see if they'll help you coordinate for the cause...even your hair won't go to waste!
  • Sign a petition to convince the administration to stop off-shore drilling and show your support for the world's oceans.
  • Adopt a bird and your donation will help fund the cleaning of oiled birds. Your money will also support the feeding and care of orphaned birds in the wild.

Gulf Coast fishermen are struggling financially as many have lost their jobs, but you can donate to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation to help out.

Maybe as individuals we can't keep oil out of our oceans, but we can do our part to pick up trash on a regular basis by organizing or participating in beach clean-ups.


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