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Bleached containers and filters can leach dioxin (chemical created from chlorine-bleach) into drinks such as milk and coffee, or other foods that come in contact with it.

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June 10, 2010

Tea Time

Next time you enjoy a hot cup of tea,
Make sure the bags are chlorine-free
Keep harmful chemicals out of your drink
Try a taste test and see what you think.

Bleached Tea Bags

If you love to sit down and relax with a cup of hot (or cold) tea make sure to start your day off right by using unbleached tea bags.

  • Hot tea, and iced tea are staples in many of our diets. Teabags are the simplest and most common way to quickly enjoy a hot cup. Unfortunately, many popular brands use harmful chemicals like chlorine-bleach to keep their bags looking bright and clean.
  • Teabags once upon a time were made from silk and muslin. Now they are generally made from paper products, which are usually bleached for color, allowing small amounts of toxins to enter into your drinks. Try to buy tea bags that specifically say they are non-chlorine bleached to avoid the problem altogether.
  • Tea leaves used with a tea infuser are the safest route to go to keep your drinks chemical-free. Simply pick your favorite tea, pop it in the infuser and use it like a regular tea bag. In addition to keeping yourself free from harm, you'll also save money just buying tins of tea.

Health Hype has all the facts on why you should steer clear of chlorine-bleached tea bags.

Teavana has a variety of tea infusers for any of your tea drinking needs.


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