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On average, store-bought vegetables have travelled approximately 1500 miles, burning about 400 gallons of gasoline each time they hit your plate. That’s a lot of unnecessary pollution and money spent to eat carrots you could grow for practically nothing, don’t you agree?

Did you know tips

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July 15, 2008

Grow your own veggies

Eating your vegetables is not all that hard--
You can grow’em and pick’em from your own backyard.
Saving money and fuel you’ll be keeping it green,
While being sure you’ve got your beta carotene!

These days, eating your veggies is all the rage. It’s not only the thing to do if you want to prevent a plethora of vitamin deficiencies, it’s a completely eco-friendly and cost-saving hobby. Here are four reasons you should look into growing your own vegetables today:

  • Saving fuel and preventing pollution. Store-bought vegetables require the usage of tractors and trucks to transport them from farm to market. All you need to make a nutritious meal are your own two feet to take you to the backyard and your hands to pick when the veggies are ripe!
  • Peace of mind that your meal will contain no pesticides or additives. Plus—you know who’s picked and prepared it—you!
  • Save cash. If you’re not buying vegetables you regularly buy at the store, you could save plenty of money each week—do we smell a growing college fund?
  • Unique gifts. Neighbors take in your mail or water your flowers while you were out of town? Pop over with a bag of your fresh and tasty tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers.

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