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A central AC system uses 3,500 watts per one hour of use, whereas a ceiling fan (on high) only uses 75 watts.

Did you know tips

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July 22, 2008

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When you’re feeling the heat
And those AC bills get steep,
A fan is nice and breezy
Making saving energy easy.

Breezy Days

This summer while you’re avoiding the heat, try using a ceiling fan rather than blasting your AC. Not only will your wallet get a hefty break from the energy you’re saving, but you’ll also get some welcome ventilation.

  • If you don’t already own one you may want to think of investing in a ceiling fan. Energy efficient fans are available for around fifty dollars and can help loosen the strain on your wallet during these hot summer months.
  • Ceiling fans can make the temperature in the room seem ten degrees cooler and can even be installed by yourself (just remember to follow the instructions).
  • To get maximum usage out of your ceiling fan, flip the switch to make sure you’re blades are spinning down, sending air past your body and pushing hot air out. If you’re fan is spinning upwards it will push warm air up and back toward your living area.

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