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Each year, Americans dispose of around 4 million pairs of glasses that could still be of use to someone in need.

Did you know tips

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October 21, 2008


When your peepers are myopic
Buying specs is catastrophic
But without’em you squint
So we’ll give you a hint
On how to save (‘cause we’re feeling philanthropic).

Signature frames like Tina Fey’s are all the rage these days and many people are trading their contacts to keep up with the four-eyed Joneses. But if you’ve ever failed your optometrist’s eye test, you know just how deep in your pockets you must reach in order to correct your vision. The average frame can cost anywhere from 100 to 400 smackeroos and due to changing styles, people may buy several pairs over the course of their near- or far-sighted lifetime.

Next time you start squinting to see the chalkboard, head online to an eco-friendly eyeglass retailer. Recycled frames and frames made with sustainable or reclaimed materials are not only fashionable, but the most expensive pair we could find was only $62.95 – a price we feel is well worth keeping plastic and wire frames out of our landfills.

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