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The need for workers in the environmental work force is growing: within the next 20 years, over 8 million are projected to join the workforce in wind and solar power alone.

Did you know tips

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November 11, 2008

Green In Demand

Getting laid off seems hopeless in today’s economy
But stay positive and mute all those sobs.
Because you can kill two birds with one little stone
And search for green in sustainable jobs!

With companies closing their doors left and right and the DOW as erratic as your great-nana’s ticker, we can understand the plight of the unemployed. Well, we’d like to make your search a little easier by introducing you to some green job sites where you can combine your budding eco-lifestyle with earning a steady (and hopefully direct deposited) paycheck.

Why look for green work?

  • High Demand: With our planet in peril, sustainable companies and employees with environmental know-how are soon to be in high demand.
  • High Pay: According to Salary Wizard®, the average annual salary of an environmental engineer is over $75,000. Not bad…not bad at all. Sort of makes a person want to go back to school, doesn’t it?
  • High Value: It’s been estimated that 80% of all Americans are not working at a job they’re happy with. A profession that helps protect the Earth and all of the people in it could bring the ultimate satisfaction.

Check It Out

Help finding work with renewable energy companies:

Find and post green jobs and learn about sustainable business events across the U.S.:

Directory of universities offering classes and degrees in environmental studies:

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