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Expanded polystyrene transport packaging (styrafoam) can be recycled in many cities. If you receive a package with foam that has a #6 identification code, check out the Alliance of Foam Packing Recyclers.

Did you know tips

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December 11, 2008

Green Mailing Tips

From Amazon wishlists to gingerbread folks,
we ship freely at this time of year,
And we can take steps to ensure we mail green--
Ho-Ho-Hope for Earth's future is here!

Santa's sleigh may not pollute our air, but the giant sack of toys he delivers can produce a giant sack of trash, stretching our landfills to their limits. For this time of the year (and the rest of it as well), here are some tips on how you can send your goodies in the greenest way possible:

  • Print shipping labels from home to save a trip to the post office and prevent pollution:
  • Send holiday postcards, saving postage, envelopes and trees, or simply click to send e-cards, e-mail attachments, and links to online photo galleries of your crew all decked out in front of the tree
  • Protect breakables with eco-friendly packing peanuts, plain popped popcorn or shredded magazines. And as tempting as we know bubble wrap is to pop, save it for future use!
  • Don't want to send new gifts in that old box you bought your blender in? Just cut the taped seams on the bottom and on one side, flip it inside-out and re-tape it back together.

Check It Out

Recycled boxes, disk mailers, poster tubes and other eco-friendly shipping materials can be purchased here:

Treepac shipping boxes may soon replace many cardboard boxes as an eco-friendly alternative:

Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers:

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