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If we don't take steps to curtail our impact on global warming, within the next hundred years, temperatures worldwide could rise up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, melting snowcaps on many peaks across the globe.

Did you know tips

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December 23, 2008

Green Slopes

Capped mountains or molehills, no matter how steep
we've got to protect if the snow we're to keep.
Support ski resorts using wind energy,
bio-fuels and CFLs--being green is the key.

Whether boarders and bunnies care to admit it, if we don't all take preventive action against global warming, our favorite slopes could one day melt into waterfalls. But several ski resorts are aiming to transform an inevitable future by spreading the word about climate change and urging snow-lovers from cross country skiers to Black Diamond snowboarders to change the way they live.

In addition, many ski resorts are beginning to develop and use wind-powered lifts and bio-diesel fuels in their maintenance vehicles. So if you're into winter sports, protect your beloved powder by supporting a ski resort with a green initiative and take steps in your own home to reduce the effects of global warming.


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