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July 06th, 2010To our loyal subscribers, Smart2BeGreen is currently undergoing renovations and as a result, our weekly eNewsletter service will be suspended until further notice. However, we'd like you to know tha... [ more ]

Don’t just use… Reuse whenever poss

July 01st, 2010Don't just use... Reuse whenever possible One of the easiest ways to keep going greenIs to reuse products as part of your routineThink of creative ways to keep your home cleanOr trade with your frie... [ more ]

Bird Friendly Backyard Oasis

June 30th, 2010Bird Friendly Backyard Oasis Want your yard to be, A birdie sanctuary? Bring nature to you,It's very simple to do! Bird is the WordThe typical American backyard is a well-manicured and meticulously ... [ more ]

Pesty Produce

June 29th, 2010Pesty Produce Don't eat that appleStraight off the treeWash your fruits and veggies firstAnd they'll be safe for you and me. Study Linking Pesticides and ADHD A recent study conducted in the United... [ more ]

Non-Toxic Silverware Cleaner

June 24th, 2010Shine Utensils without ToxinsIf it's time to use your silverwareBut it needs a little shine and careRemember to always stay awareOf cleaners that say caution or beware. Spot-Free ShineIf you're geari... [ more ]

Sugar High

June 23rd, 2010Sugar High Don't you think,We use sugar a lot,It's in most drinks,Both cold and hot. Gimme Some Sugar We all enjoy a cool, refreshing soft drink, but these popular beverages are full of sugar. In ... [ more ]

Eco-Friendly Pedicure

June 22nd, 2010Eco-Friendly Pedicure Your feet are the thingsWalking closest to EarthSo it's time your pedicureHas an eco-rebirth! Green Feet For many ladies (and even some men), summer is the time to pamper your... [ more ]

Solar Ivy and Trees

June 16th, 2010Solar Ivy and Trees Solar ivy and solar trees, Their use will expand,Growing in our cities,Reducing power demand. Solar Technologies are Growing Photovoltaic cells or solar panels are an integral... [ more ]

Show Me the Money

June 15th, 2010Where Can You Find Extra Money? If you pick up another man's trashYou can turn his old junk into cashIt may take awhileBut you'll show your green styleAnd soon you'll have quite the big stash. Show ... [ more ]

Bleached Tea Bags

June 10th, 2010Tea TimeNext time you enjoy a hot cup of tea,Make sure the bags are chlorine-freeKeep harmful chemicals out of your drinkTry a taste test and see what you think. Bleached Tea BagsIf you love to sit d... [ more ]

Unclog Your Drain Naturally

June 09th, 2010Unclog Your Drain Naturally Do you ever complainAbout hair in your drain Clogging up the shower? Solve it with green power Pain in the DrainIf you are a person with shoulder length or long hair, yo... [ more ]

Oil Spill

June 08th, 2010Oil Spills Drive hybrids and electric carsRide your bike or walk to workRemove the need for offshore drillsAnd keep our oceans free of murk. With the BP oil spill disaster a huge part of world news ... [ more ]

Seafood Rating System

June 03rd, 2010Good Fish Bad FishIf you're getting something to eatBut not looking for any red meatSeafood's always has a delicious appealMake sustainable fish part of your meal. Sustainable SeafoodIf seafood is on... [ more ]

BioWillie Fuel

June 02nd, 2010BioWillie Fuel If you want to be green,Don't use standard gasoline, Car emissions aren't cool,So fill ‘er up with biodiesel! On the Road Again with BioWillie Music legend and environmentalist W... [ more ]

Eco-Friendly Carpet

June 01st, 2010Eco-Friendly Carpet You don't throw away bottles and cans anymore,So what's wrong withkeepin' it green on your floor? You may have heard of low VOC paint, but low VOC carpet? VOCs are volatile orga... [ more ]

Swap Items-Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

May 27th, 2010Reduce your carbon footprintKeep reducing your carbon footprintWith simple tips and even easier hintsSwap your old gear for something newRecycle old junk and get stuff for you. Swap Old StuffIf shopp... [ more ]

Go Green When Remodeling

May 26th, 2010Green Remodeling Smash, crash, boom,Fixing up a room,Do the right thing,Use green remodeling! Green Your Scene If you are currently remodeling your home or plan to in the future, it is cost effect... [ more ]

Think Before You Trash It

May 25th, 2010Think Before You Trash It Clean your desks and lockers outBut don't throw it all awayYour used supplies and old text booksMight make somebody's day. Reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic and Reus... [ more ]

Toxins in the Home

May 20th, 2010Toxins in the Home Whether you're cleaning up your roomOr sweeping up the house with a broomMake non-toxic cleaners part of your routineTo help keep your house clean and green. Chemical-FreeNext tim... [ more ]


May 19th, 2010Cash-For-Grass Water is running short, So show your supportAnd also make some cash, By removing your grass. Wallets Full of Grass As our nation's water resources continue to be depleted, it is imper... [ more ]

Home Farming

May 18th, 2010Home Farming Organic vegetables and herbsGrown in the city or the ‘burbsTaste great in casseroles and stewsGive home farming a shot and you won't lose! Home farming has really grown in popular... [ more ]

Hybrid Water Heaters

May 13th, 2010Energy-Efficient ShowersEvery time you're taking a hot showerThere's a new way you can lower the powerEnergy-efficient heaters will save on your billsWhile showing off your eco-homeowner skills. Hybr... [ more ]

Jet-Free Europe, Take that, ash cloud!

May 12th, 2010High-Speed Rail Systems They are the fastest around, Much better than the rest, They allow Earth to rebound, High-speed rails are the best! Let the Jets RestIn an age where one may have a lunch meeti... [ more ]

Fields of Green

May 11th, 2010Fields of Green Take me out to the ball gameIn a commuter bus or a trainRoot, root, root for the EarthAnd the ticket price won't be in vain. Major League Green Which sport is the greenest? Some mi... [ more ]

Video Chat - Happy Mother's Day

May 06th, 2010Happy Mother's DayIt's almost time for Mother's DaySend her your love the personal wayVideo chatting will make you feel closeSeeing your face is even better than a rose. Share the Love with Video Cha... [ more ]

Waste-to-Green Energy

May 05th, 2010Waste-to-Energy Technologies Waste is found everywhere, Discarded without a care, But it can help you and me, When it becomes energy! Nothing WastedThe waste problem in the U.S. has reached a breakin... [ more ]

Sunscreen Safety

May 04th, 2010Sunscreen Safety Think fun in the sun,But think safe and greenAnd cover yourselfWith organic sunscreen! Whether you're a regular beach-dweller or you only step in the sun once in a while, sunscreen ... [ more ]

Knitting from plastic bags - plarn

April 29th, 2010Plastic YarnIf you're always looking for ways to go greenMake it a part of your arts and crafts routineCrochet your own bag by making plastic into yarnThose in the know are knitting with plarn. "Plar... [ more ]

Green Your Office

April 28th, 2010Green Your Office Working all day long, Cuz we have bills to pay,Keep the Earth strong,Green your office today! Earth's Employees Whether you are an employee or a boss, greening your workplace will n... [ more ]

One Person's Trash

April 27th, 2010One Person's Trash From plastic bottles to ointment tubes,Landfills grow but we can stop the cycleWhat can't be reused in the same wayWe can send away to be upcycled! Mercury's rising as spring is i... [ more ]

Earth Day

April 22nd, 2010Earth Day 40th AnniversaryIt's time to start celebrating Earth Day And all of our fantastic eco-friendly waysA 40th anniversary is something to shareWith no better way than showing you care. Eco-Frie... [ more ]

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning

April 21st, 2010Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Puppy accident or red wine,Carpets get dirty all the time,Make your dirty carpets clean, Using cleaners that are green! Cleaner, Greener, & Healthier Traditionally,... [ more ]

Recycle Eye Glasses

April 20th, 2010Recycle your SpecsDonate eyeglassesinstead of leaving behindA future landfillarcheological find. Green EyesAs over the half the U.S. population knows, correcting your vision is not an inexpensive tas... [ more ]

Bosom Buddies - Recycle Your Bra

April 15th, 2010Bosom buddies This year when you're spring cleaningGive organizing drawers a new meaningGather up bras that never really fitThere's probably more than you're willing to admit. Recycle Your BraThis y... [ more ]

Soybeans' Many Uses

April 14th, 2010Soybeans Soybeans, soybeans everywhere,Their benefits can be great, But please show the Amazon care,Soybeans can seal its fate! Soy Meets World The cultivation and use of soybeans has exploded re... [ more ]

Aerosol Can Disposal

April 13th, 2010Aerosol Can Disposal Improper disposal of aerosol cansMay ruin Earth's future and all our green plansDon't toss'em out full; they could harm our air,Recycle the cans and be smart, don't despair! Whi... [ more ]

Eco-Spring Cleaning

April 08th, 2010Eco-Spring CleaningIt's quickly nearing that time of yearWhen spring cleaning kicks into gearClean out the garage and organize drawersStay eco-friendly while doing your chores. Clean SpringThis year ... [ more ]

Organic Spices

April 07th, 2010Organic Spices Let me ask you, dude, Do you like toxic food? Want to be chemical-free?Use spices grown organically! The Spice of Life We have all heard of the importance and benefits of eating organi... [ more ]

Spring Cleaning

April 06th, 2010Spring Cleaning It's that time of year again,The sun is here to stay.So clean out your closetsAnd reduce your "stuff",But try not to throw it away. Spring is the perfect time of year to open the win... [ more ]

Eco Friendly Easter Egg Dyes

April 01st, 2010Natural Easter Egg DyeEvery year the kids always begCan we finally dye our Easter eggs?Try testing out a new holiday routineUse natural dye to keep the family green. Easter Egg DesignsLike all of our... [ more ]

Eco Pet Care

March 31st, 2010Eco-Friendly Pet CareDogs, cats, birds, and more, Maybe even a kangaroo,We all have pets we adore,They want to be green too! U.S. Pets Go GreenIf you are an American who loves their planet and their ... [ more ]

Eco-State of The Union

March 30th, 2010State of the Union If you want to be as greenas green can be,Then you'll seek out more waysto save energy. These days, there's little excuse for not incorporating some energy-saving habits into your... [ more ]

Save Water

March 25th, 2010Turn off the TapRemember to always turn off the tapIn order to lower your water capSave water by turning off the sinkExcept for when you're getting a drink. Water ConservationEven though it may seem ... [ more ]

Fuel Cell Energy

March 24th, 2010Fuel Cell Technology Earth, don't you fear,Fuel cells are here To create clean power, Day by day, hour by hour! "Power Plant in a Box" Fuel Cells are devices that electrochemically combine hydroge... [ more ]

Draft Resistance

March 23rd, 2010Draft Resistance Snow is melting; days are longAnd warmer weather's here.So seal those leaks; prepare A/CAnd get your house into greener gear! Seal'em Up Summer temperatures are not too far off, so... [ more ]

Reusable Tote Bags

March 18th, 2010Reusable Totes BagsNext time you're headed for the storeAnd are getting ready to run out the doorDon't forget your umbrella and coatBut most importantly, your reusable tote. Gone Shopping...If you fi... [ more ]

Eco Tee Off

March 16th, 2010Tee Off Make sure your golf ball's greenbefore you swing and call out "Fore!"The Ecobioball is greatfor use at sea or by the shore. On the Green Just because you spend your vacation at sea, it does... [ more ]

Thinking Green - Lifestyle

March 11th, 2010Think Green Remember to always keep thinking greenAnd make it a part of your normal routineWhether you're at home or headed to work,An eco-lifestyle has lots of great perks. Eco-lifestyle Home li... [ more ]

Commercial Eco-Lighting

March 10th, 2010Commercial Eco-Lighting Millions of bulbs thrown away, Energy costs rising every day, Induction lights are here for you, To save the Earth and money too! Saving the Planet One Watt at a Time Comme... [ more ]

Resole, Recycle, Reuse

March 09th, 2010Resole Hey, everyone, we've got some great news,Now you can extend the life of your shoes! If you don't have a dog at home chewing up your laces, the first thing that usually goes on your favorite p... [ more ]


March 04th, 2010Eco-friendly fashionShoes, handbags, accessories and topsYou've been known to shop till you dropTry picking up some eco-friendly fashionsCombine going green with your favorite passion. Eco-Shopoholic... [ more ]

Do You Still Use Phonebooks?

March 03rd, 2010Do You Still You Use Phonebooks? Phonebooks everywhere, Thrown away without a care, The Earth is giving us a sign, Find phone numbers online! Calling on You Millions upon millions of phone books a... [ more ]

2009 Green Heroes

March 02nd, 2010Here is the Class of 2009 Smart2BeGreen is pleased to announce it's Top 10 Green Heroes of 2009. This year the list was voted on by the readers who subscribe to the Smart2BeGreen newsletter and green... [ more ]

E-Books vs. Paper Books

February 25th, 2010E-BooksIf you can't get your nose out of a bookMaybe it's time to give an e-book a look.With endless reading for you to pour overIt's the perfect fit for any avid reading lover. E-ReadersIf nothing m... [ more ]

Eco-Friendly Tires

February 24th, 2010Eco-Friendly Tires Natural tires can't be beatSo don't roll down the streetWith rubber tires on the carOrange peels will get you far! Rolling on Oranges After countless years of petroleum-based t... [ more ]

Green Sheep Shop

February 23rd, 2010Green Sheep Shop Yarn made from soy,seaweed and cornMakes amazing green clothesfor you to adorn. Lessen your impact on the environment by choosing sustainable materials for knitting and crocheting. ... [ more ]


February 18th, 2010Eco-BubblesIf enjoying soda has become a mustTry a product you can definitely trustMake your favorite flavors from homeAnd create your own bubbles and foam. Do It YourselfIf you consider yourself a s... [ more ]

Eco-Farm at Home

February 17th, 2010Farmscape Gardens Hey, I beg your pardon, It's easy to start a garden, Show the earth gratitude, By growing your own food. Grow Your Own A California-based company called Farmscape is leading the... [ more ]

Eco-Baby Bottles

February 16th, 2010Eco Baby Bottles From the time they're bornTil' the time they toddle,Keep them safe and greenWith eco-friendly bottles. Babies have an unavoidable oral fixation, so ensure that the thing that goes i... [ more ]

Eco-Mardi Gras

February 11th, 2010Green Mardi GrasWhether you're in the French QuarterOr just a huge Mardi Gras supporterThrow a wild eco-friendly bashThat will still create a huge splash. This year while you're getting ready to part... [ more ]

Green Kitty Litter

February 10th, 2010Chemical Free Cat Litter Every time kitty makes poop, We quickly flush or scoop, Protect your little critter,Buy chemical-free cat litter! Here's the ScoopAlthough the dangers of clumping, scoopable... [ more ]

Green Valentine

February 09th, 2010Green Valentines Cards aren't foreverBut trees live long livesKeep this Valentine's greenFor lovers, husbands and wives! Rather than wasting money and resources on paper Valentine's Day cards, dozen... [ more ]

Eco-Super Bowl

February 04th, 2010Eco-Super BowlIt's almost time for the big gameBut your menu's looking kind of lameKeep your tailgating parties greenBy serving fans eco-friendly cuisine. Tailgating PartyIt's time to start prepping ... [ more ]

Green Washing

February 03rd, 2010Green Washing Lies slip through the crack, Cause green is the new black,Don't believe everything, Beware of greenwashing! The Corporate Spin-Cycle These days, consumers are constantly bombarded by... [ more ]

BYOT - Bring Your Own Towels

February 02nd, 2010Bring Your Own Towels Wash'em and dry'emBut hands-down no wayDon't throw any more Paper towels away! Paper products occupy up to 40% of the space in our landfills, including the paper towels you dry... [ more ]


January 28th, 2010Indoor Art QualityIf your home is looking kind of bareIt's time to add some artistic flairAdd some pieces from local artistsAnd give your walls an eco-twist.   Fine Eco-Art Handmade and recy... [ more ]

Green Cars

January 27th, 2010Green Cars Don't anyone fearNew cars are here!To combat gasoline, Drive a car that's green! Grab the Wheel This year, why not buy a car that not only has style and comfort, but also has a minimum im... [ more ]

Recycling Made Easy

January 26th, 2010Recycling Made EasyIt's easy to be overwhelmedWhen you're not sure what to doSo here's a few tips meant to makeRecycling easier for you! Want to get the 4-1-1 on recycling so you can start the year o... [ more ]

Green Humidifier

January 21st, 2010Green HumidifierTo keep the air from getting dryerIt's time to get a green humidifierConserving water as soon as you beginYou'll ward off colds and moisturize skin. In addition to keeping things chil... [ more ]

Take Back The Tap

January 20th, 2010Take Back the Tap Next time you have thirst,Don't unscrew that cap,Think about the Earth first,Drink water from the tap! Just Give it a Little Tap College campuses, cities, and restaurants across... [ more ]

Handy Dandy Green Hobbies

January 19th, 2010Handy Dandy Green Hobbies What do you dowhen you're not at your jobbies?Why not pick up some greencash-saving hobbies? Many people with fidgety fingers find solace and joy in hobbies such as knittin... [ more ]

All Natural Lip Balm

January 14th, 2010All-Natural Lip BalmHere's an eco-friendly tipOn how to avoid chapped lipsTry using an all-natural lip balmTo keep your pucker nice and calm. Pucker UpWith winter officially upon us, it's time to tak... [ more ]

Solar Powered Trash Cans

January 13th, 2010Solar Powered Trash cans Garbage is all around, Full trash cans abound. Want to help your town?Solar cans will astound! Sunny Days Keep Trash Trucks Away Every day, millions of trash cans around ... [ more ]

USB Heating Gloves

January 12th, 2010USB Heating Gloves As you sit and type and shiverDon't raise the thermostatInstead try warming just your handsPlug in gloves to game and chat! Cold Hands, Warm Heart You know what they say: the co... [ more ]

Recycling Fun Facts

January 07th, 2010Recycling Fun FactsIt's time to get things straightOn exactly why recycling is greatIf you start to learn the factsYou'll leave behind green tracks. Green TipsWith the New Year finally here, try addi... [ more ]

eSolar Mirrors

January 06th, 2010Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Mirrors, mirrors all around, Helping to collect sunlight, Mirrors, mirrors do astound, By producing energy right! Mirrors for Fears Next time you look in the mirror... [ more ]

Green New Year's Resolutions

January 05th, 2010Green New Year's Resolutions Some hope to lose weightSome to be better menWhy not pledge to be greenerin the year two-thousand ten? Smart2begreen's goal is to bring awareness to the multitude of sma... [ more ]

Natural Oven/Stove Cleaners

December 31st, 2009Green Potion The holidays have finally come to a close,And it's time to clean your ovens and stovesDon't forget to use eco-friendly cleanersAnd help keep your kitchen a little bit greener. Eco-Frien... [ more ]

Green iPhone Apps

December 30th, 2009iPhone Green Apps If you have an iPhone,Let it be known.Give your screen a tap,Download a green App! Green Apps are Growing The functionality and practicality of the thousands of Apps offered by ... [ more ]

Double Duty Shipping Boxes

December 29th, 2009Double Duty Shipping Boxes In the mail from Santa's sleighcame boxes full of bootyDon't let those boxes go to wasteMake them pull double duty! Just as you reuse gift boxes and bags year after year, ... [ more ]

Cookies For Santa

December 24th, 2009Cookies for SantaAfter you tuck the kids in bedIt's time to make sure Santa gets fedWhip up a batch of chocolate chip cookiesYou don't want him to think you're a rookie.   Chocolate Chip Cookie... [ more ]

Gift Cards For The Holidays

December 23rd, 2009Gift Cards for the Holidays Don't panic this week,I have what you seek,The quick and easy way,Gift cards save the day! Last Minute Shoppers Are you in a tizzy because you have waited until the la... [ more ]

Stocking Stuffers

December 22nd, 2009Stocking Stuffers Before your XMAS shopping's done,Stuff every stocking full of fun.Make sure the "stuff" you stuff is greenTo keep our landfills few and lean! This holiday, lessen your Christmas st... [ more ]

Office Holiday Parties/Regift A Present

December 17th, 2009Holiday Office Party 'Tis the season to be jollyAnd to enjoy a work partyGive a coworker a little extra cheerBy re-gifting a present from last year. Regifting It's just about time to start gearing ... [ more ]

Eco-Friendly Spirits

December 16th, 2009Eco-Friendly Spirits & Liquors  Holiday parties are here,Cocktails and good cheer,How about a twist of green?Eco-spirits are on the scene. Organic Holiday Spirit Whether it's an office par... [ more ]

Hanukkah Gifts

December 15th, 2009Hanukkah Gifts Hanukkah is called the Festival of LightsWith candles lit and presents wrappedFor eight sacred nights.And it's not any less of a wondrous holidayWith greener gifts and reusable wrapJus... [ more ]

Fair Trade

December 10th, 2009Human Rights Day In honor of Human Rights Day,Make fair trade goods part of your holidayCoffee, clothing jewelry and moreAre just a few of the items you'll adore.  Fair Trade Gifts In honor of... [ more ]

Christmas List

December 09th, 2009Top 10 Green Gifts Under $20 The holidays are here,Need help with a gift?Shop green this year,Give your wallet a lift!  Season's Greenings  As hard economic times continue, why not save s... [ more ]

Organic Candles

December 08th, 2009Organic Candles  Procrastinating for the holidayswill only make you panicSo plan ahead and buy your candles nowand make sure they are organic! Winter holidays all over the world commence in fes... [ more ]

Fair Trade Chocolate / Global Exchange

December 03rd, 2009Holiday TreatsShopping season has officially begunWith lots of gift giving to be donePick up chocolate confections this seasonFair trade goodies are an even better reason. Fair Trade ChocolateWhen yo... [ more ]

Eco-Friendly Christmas Trees

December 02nd, 2009Eco-Friendly Christmas Trees Take some advice from me,Make your Xmas eco-friendly.Be as green as your tree, Buy one grown organically!  ... [ more ]

Recycled Holiday Cards

December 01st, 2009Recycled Holiday Cards Send'em smiles, send'em cheer,Send'em joy for the New Year.Send'em recycled cards with generous bills,Just don't send'em later to the Earth's landfills! Billions of holiday ca... [ more ]

Happy Thanksgiving

November 26th, 2009Happy ThanksgivingFriends and family are on their wayThe turkey's been roasting half the dayDon't forget when enjoying your sidesTo give thanks for all you're able to provide. Thanks for Thanksgiving... [ more ]

Organic Wines

November 25th, 2009Organic Wines Between you and me,Let me throw you a vine, Sustainability is the key, Order a glass of green wine! Wineries Uncork Sustainability With the popularity of wine, it is important to en... [ more ]

Organic Recipes

November 24th, 2009Organic Recipes It's that time of year when we stuff our faces ‘til we wobble,So this Thanksgiving cook up yummygreen organic gobble! Gobble, Gobble Before you run out and grab that familiar ... [ more ]

Eco Thanksgiving Prep

November 19th, 2009Green ThanksgivingWith Thanksgiving just a week awayIt's time to start prepping for the big dayTurkey, stuffing, cranberries and yamsKeep it green while cooking for the fam. Prepping Your FeastWith T... [ more ]

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

November 18th, 2009Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Toxic sprays, gels, and foam Don't make for a happy homeUse products that are greenDon't use pollutants to clean! Green Your Clean A growing number of studies indica... [ more ]

Salt and Sand - Eco De-Icing

November 17th, 2009Naughty or Nice DeIcer? Winter makes for slippery roads;We humans melt the ice.But deicers using salt and sandAre naughty to Earth, not nice! Too much salt's not good for anyone and the same is true... [ more ]

Personal Care Products

November 12th, 2009Personal Care ProductsChapped lips and dry skinDon't let the winter weather winUse products that keep skin and hair hydratedThe results from pampering will have you elated. Eco-Friendly Beauty Regime... [ more ]

Cell Phones For Soldiers

November 11th, 2009Cell Phones for Soldiers Fighting far across the sea, No contact with their families, Donate your old cell phoneTo let a soldier call home. Call of Duty Cell Phones for Soldiers is a non-profit org... [ more ]

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