Simple Steps to Greener Living

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Reduce Your Heating Bill

November 10th, 2009Reduce your Heating Bill The holidays are almost here,Your wallet's getting thin.By saving on your heating bill,You and your gift-ees win! Brrrrring it on! Just because the weather outside is frigh... [ more ]

Cooking With Pumpkins

November 05th, 2009Fresh Pumpkin RecipesEven though Halloween's overThere are still pumpkins leftoverRoast the seeds or make homemade pieFollow a few easy recipes and give it a try. Homemade Pumpkin... If you've got p... [ more ]

Major League Baseball Goes Green

November 04th, 2009Major League Baseball Goes Green Take me out to the ball game, Where going green is the aim, Check on your team in the MLB, Are they becoming eco-friendly?   Clean-Up Position Major League B... [ more ]

Daylight Savings Ends

November 03rd, 2009Daylight Savings Ends Time to turn the clocks backWave goodbye to the sunThere's more to do,Your yearly job's not done! Did you remember to turn your clocks back? While you may not have forgotten th... [ more ]

Organic Fair Trade Candy

October 29th, 2009Halloween TreatsWith costumes ready and faces drawnKids are ready to take Halloween onHand out delicious fair trade sweetsWhen kids are asking trick or treat. Natural, Organic, and Fair TradeWhen you... [ more ]

Make Your own Halloween costumes

October 28th, 2009Make Your Own Halloween Costume Witches, ghosts, and ghouls, At home you have the tools, Boxes, sheets, and brooms,To create your own costumes! No Costumes Halloween costumes can span from super ex... [ more ]

Changing of Seasons

October 27th, 2009Canning, Freezing, Jams & Jellies Your organic garden'sgrowing fruit a-plenty,So why not can it for the winter,And give gifts to few...or twenty! If you have a fruit tree or an organic garden, n... [ more ]

Eco-Halloween Decorations

October 22nd, 2009Green HalloweenWith Halloween a week away,Ghouls and goblins are on displayDecorate your home and keep it greenWhile prepping for a spooky Halloween. Halloween IdeasWhether you're hosting a big bash ... [ more ]

Glass Food Storage Containers

October 21st, 2009Eco-Friendly Food Storage Hey plastic don't be rude, Stop leaching into my food, With a green storage container, I'll become a plastic abstainer!... [ more ]

Winter Coats

October 20th, 2009Winter CoatsWhen the chilly wind starts breezing through,Warm up for winter in something new.Choose organic, hemp or recycled gearBuy it soon-winter's almost here!... [ more ]

Eco-Snowboarding and Skiing

October 15th, 2009Ski TripsIt's almost that time of yearTo break out snowboarding gearRemember to keep ski trips greenAnd help keep the mountain clean. Eco-VacationsAs you make plans for the upcoming snow season, make... [ more ]

As American as Apple Pie

October 14th, 2009Apple Picking Hey, it's harvest time,And farmers want to say, My orchards are most prime, Go apple picking today! As American as Apple Pie As the trees change into their autumn outfits, they proudl... [ more ]

Green Children's Books

October 13th, 2009Barefoot Books Encourage your kids to read Barefoot BooksThey'll learn to do yoga or become healthy cooks!Read stories and lessons to help protect EarthYour kids can be global and green from their bi... [ more ]

National Children's Day

October 08th, 2009Children's DayIn honor of National Children's DayKeep it green when your kids go playMake it fun with eco-friendly activities Gardening and crafts will grow creativity. Green KidsTake some time tod... [ more ]

Green Gyms and Fitness Clubs

October 07th, 2009Green Gyms & Fitness Clubs Wheels spin and belts turn,Sweat drips and legs burn, Calories becoming electricity, Gyms powered by you and me! Burn Calories Not Oil From Hong Kong's California ... [ more ]

Green Oktoberfest

October 06th, 2009OktoberfestOktoberfest is almost hereSo grab a frosty mug of brew,Make the choice to swig greener beer;Encourage friends to do so too! However and wherever you choose to celebrate Oktoberfest this ye... [ more ]

Eco Friendly Tailgating Party

October 01st, 2009Football Tailgating: Football season is in full swingTime to stock up on dips and wings.Make your tailgating party go greenFans will cheer for eco-friendly cuisine.Green Tailgating IdeasOne of footbal... [ more ]

Termite Terminator_The Green Way

September 30th, 2009Green Termite Control They chomp and chew, They bore right through, Send them on a permanent vacation, By using eco-friendly extermination.Bug Off, Naturally!Termites are a group of social insects tha... [ more ]

Inkjet Cartridge Recycling

September 29th, 2009Inkjet Cartridge RecyclingIn a landfill, empty cartridges of inkStay up to 450 years-that stinks!So when your printer is out, don't throw the toner away,Recycle instead and bring good things your way!... [ more ]

Reduce Energy Cost

September 24th, 2009Energy Audit Kill-A-WattIf you're looking to find new ways to go greenLook no further than your normal routineRemember to flip off power strips and turn off lightsGoing back to the basics helps the g... [ more ]

Rain Water Good to the last drop

September 23rd, 2009Rain Collection Barrels & Tanks It's raining, it's pouring, Fresh water for storing, Don't let it go down the drain, Collect and store that rain!Rain in the Benefits It is time for all of us to be... [ more ]

Green Tax Credit

September 22nd, 2009Green Tax CreditsFor April fifteenth you may not be aware,The things that you've bought can affect how you fare.Green choices at home help you to save cash,And green tax credits can increase your stas... [ more ]

Hand Sanitizer Pros and Cons

September 17th, 2009Natural Hand SanitizerIf you're trying to avoid the fluAnd keep your hands clean tooChoose a sanitizer that's safe to useAnd is as easy on the earth as it is on you.All Natural vs. AntibacterialWith f... [ more ]

Reclaimed and Recycled Wood

September 16th, 2009Reclaimed WoodChainsaws buzz and chop,Deforestation has to stop.Why cut down a living tree?Reclaimed wood is the key.Wood You Give Me A Second Chance? Reclaimed wood is simply wood that has been salva... [ more ]

Milk Jug Recycling

September 15th, 2009Got Milk Jugs?Get your milk mustache on-drink it up, chug-a-lug,But don't throw away your plastic milk jug.Recycling milk jugs is a green thing for sure,Their plastic even helps make furniture!Milk it... [ more ]

Global Treads - Shoe Recycling

September 10th, 2009Reuse Old ShoesIf you've got an extra pair of shoesAnd they're almost as good as newDonate old sneakers to be reusedGlobal Treads recycles them for you.The Gift of ShoesMaybe they were a gift or they'... [ more ]

Intl. Coastal Cleanup Day

September 09th, 2009International Coastal Cleanup DayWhat's that floating in the sea?Tons of our trash and debris, So take action without delay, Sign up for Coastal Cleanup Day!Life's a Beach...Clean It Up!On September 1... [ more ]

Recycled Glass Countertops

September 08th, 2009Recycled Glass CountertopsRecycle your bottles, be green and pitch inHelp Vetrazzo design a recycled kitchen!If counters and tabletops are items you seek,Check out these creations, so green and unique... [ more ]

Fair Trade Chocolates

September 03rd, 2009Sweet TreatsIf you can't fight those candy cravingsSee what chocolates have got us ravingSatisfy your sweet tooth with eco-friendly treatsFair trade goodies have got the competition beat.Yummy!Whether... [ more ]


September 02nd, 2009The EcoButtonElectricity is a treatThat computers love to eat.Saving energy is a snackThat EcoButtons love to attack.Turn Me OffHave you ever been using the computer and been interrupted by something ... [ more ]

Pillow Talk

September 01st, 2009Sleep NaturallyYou can punch and fluff your pillow,But it won't forever keep.So for your next one buy organicTo create a greener sleep!Pillow TalkLet's face it - we spend about a third of our lives hi... [ more ]

Eco-Friendly Laundry

August 27th, 2009Eco-LaundryWhen it's time to get that laundry going,And stop the hamper from overflowing,Remember to pick eco-friendly suds that care,And are as gentle on the skin as the clothes you'll wear.Fluff and... [ more ]

Onion Fuel

August 26th, 2009Onion FuelOnions may make you cry, But they can be a fuel supply.Onion juice ferments you see, Waste becomes energy!Crying All the Way to the Bank In Oxnard, California, Gills Onions, a national onion... [ more ]

Children's Choice Lunches

August 25th, 2009Children's Choice LunchesFrom processed foods to piled up waste,School lunch should not be made in haste.Just keep it green and give kids a voice,By signing them up for Children's Choice!Children's Ch... [ more ]

Green Sports

August 20th, 2009Green TeamsNext time you root for your favorite teamEncourage them to start going greenTeams are becoming eco-machinesCheck out how they're staying lean Lean Green Athletic MachinesNow more than ever ... [ more ]

Bottled Water

August 19th, 2009How Pure Is Bottled Water? Crystal-clear, pure, and pristine, Is bottled water really that clean? Labels don't mention contamination, Bottled water needs better regulation.Bottled What?On the national... [ more ]

Green Jobs

August 18th, 2009Green-Collar JobsThere used to be two basic colors of jobs,Your collar was just white or blue.But in helping the Earth and improving our lives,We can now sport a green collar too!As governments across... [ more ]


August 13th, 2009Eco ShopIf you've got nothing good to wearAnd the closet's looking a little bareTreat yourself to something niceEco-friendly shopping is our favorite vice.Green is the New BlackWhether you're off to t... [ more ]

Pool Chlorine Alternatives

August 12th, 2009Pool Chlorine Alternatives Splish, Splash, I'm developing a rash, Red eyes and green hair, It's time for natural pool care! Marco...Polo...Chlorine Out of Water? Danger lurks in our nation's swimmi... [ more ]

Public Transportation

August 11th, 2009Public TransportationWhen you're stuck in a jam, eyes fixed on the road When the gas stations increase their prices to gold When you realize just how much your car can pollute You'll start using mass ... [ more ]

Back to School The Green Way

August 06th, 2009Back to School The Green WayIt's almost time to head back to schoolAnd stop relaxing down by the poolBack to school shopping is already hereRemember to pick up eco-friendly gear.A Greener School of Th... [ more ]

Radioactive Dry Wall

August 05th, 2009Radioactive Drywall It's banned by the EPA, But it still made its way,Be sure you didn't installRadioactive drywall!Dr. Phosphogypsum I Presume In 2006, as a result of an American housing boom, Hurric... [ more ]

Biodegradable products, snack bags, etc.

August 04th, 2009Biodegradable BuysSome called it futile or a hopeless crusade,But they'll eat their words now that history's made.Once, years upon years in a landfill they stayedNow these products easily biodegrade!M... [ more ]


July 30th, 2009No Grey AreasNext time you're hitting the showersSave a few drops to water your flowersCollect greywater while you soap up and scrubBy placing a big bucket at the end of the tub.Recycled WaterGreywate... [ more ]


July 29th, 2009Landfills How much trash can we bury? Landfills don't have a garbage fairy, It's time to lend a helping hand, Reduce your waste and take a stand.Landfilled to the BrimIt seems like we all know the tra... [ more ]

Caught Wild Seafood

July 28th, 2009Safe Seafood If you want to cure hunger and widespread famine,You won't answer this problem with farm-raised salmon.The conditions they're raised in can be very sub-par,Instead try to eat salmon where... [ more ]

School Buses Driving Green

July 23rd, 2009Eco-Friendlier School Buses With summer vacation coming to an endThe school year's looming around the bendEncourage your school to get greener busesA cleaner environment is just one of the pluses.Gree... [ more ]

No Clean Coal

July 22nd, 2009"Clean" Coal? What is "clean" coal? Ask the O-zone hole, Until CO2 is not an issue, It's as "clean" as used tissue."Clean Carbon is Like a Healthy Cigarette"The harsh reality is that "clean" coal does... [ more ]

Urban Green Spaces

July 21st, 2009Urban Green SpacesFrom high rise homes to subway stopsAnd fire escapes to metro copsSome cities lack that special placeSo now it's time to make a caseFor building greener urban space!The City of Angel... [ more ]

5 Minute Showers, Save Water

July 16th, 20095 Minute ShowersNext time you hop in the showerMake it 5 minutes instead of an hourLowering your usage is not very hardYou'll even save water for the backyard. Quick Showers Bring Extra FlowersWith th... [ more ]

Green Golf Courses

July 15th, 2009Eco-Friendly Golf CoursesNext time you nail that drive, Remember golf courses are alive,Don't handicap the natural scene, Golf where the grass is truly green!As Green as its GreensToday's golf courses... [ more ]

Office Paper Waste

July 14th, 2009Office Paper WasteFortune 500 or hip "mom'n pop,"If you're wasting your paper it's now time to stop.Conserve and recycle and go digitalYour trash and your inbox will be so much less full.If you work i... [ more ]

Green Label Detective

July 09th, 2009Label DetectiveBefore you head out for an eco-shopping spreeCheck the labels to see what they really meanGreen marketing is not always what it appears to beBe a label detective when it comes to buying... [ more ]

Trickle Down Eco-nomics

July 08th, 2009Drip, Drip, Drip Here's a water-wise tip, What goes drip, drip, drip? It's not a leaky faucet, but drip irrigation, Helping to conserve water across the nation.Trickle Down Eco-nomicsWith U.S. water r... [ more ]

Good Luck for the Green Garden

July 07th, 2009LadybugsCute, red and sweet with their black tickly feetIt sure is unreal that this bug's favorite mealIs the very same thing eating your crops in the SpringNow you'll know what we mean when we say th... [ more ]

Green Independence Day

July 02nd, 2009Red, White, Blue ... and Green!Independence Day brings visions of picnics and pool parties, barbeques and big bangs. Remember to add some green to your plans for celebrating the Red, White and Blue an... [ more ]

The Three R's

July 01st, 2009The Three R's Stop garbage at the source, Before we are filled with remorse, It's our health we stand to lose, So reduce, recycle, and reuse.Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...RespondAccording to the U.S. Envir... [ more ]

Artificial Grass

June 30th, 2009Artificial GrassIf you're mowing and watering your lush front lawn,And pouring on chemicals and Weed-Be-Gone,There's a cheaper and greener choice you could make,If you swap out your natural lawn for a... [ more ]


June 25th, 2009Green SunscreenNext time you're out in the sunOr at the pool having some fun,Slather yourself with sunscreenJust make sure your SPF is green.Screening SunscreenWith summer finally here it's essential ... [ more ]


June 24th, 2009iScript What's that sound you hear?It's a screenplay in your ear! Keep that paper awayRecord your script today!Hearing is BelievingAspiring TV and film writers across the nation are constantly working... [ more ]

Green Paint

June 23rd, 2009Green PaintThe days are long, the sun is hot,But VOCs in paint are not!For a fume-free sheen that won't make you faint,Just coat your walls with eco-friendly paint!Apartment walls in need of a little ... [ more ]

Green Birthday

June 18th, 2009Green BirthdayBefore you blow out the candles And get all your presents handledGet eco-friendly from cards to cuisineEven on your birthday it's smart2begreen.Happy BirthdayIf you've got a birthday com... [ more ]

Cool It

June 17th, 2009Cool It The weather may be hot, But wasting energy is not.Use fans instead of the AC,And cool your home naturally.Be A Fan of Saving Energy As the weather heats up, many Americans immediately dash to ... [ more ]

Cloth vs. Paper

June 16th, 2009Cloth Towels VS. Paper TowelsYour daily quicker-picker-upper could be downing several treesIf you tear off lots of sheets to wipe up spills by twos'n threes.A simple change is all you need to show a m... [ more ]

Eco Friendly Camping

June 11th, 2009Camp OutYou've packed up all your gearFor a trip into the wild frontierRemember to go green while campingAnd leave no trace you were there.Take A HikeWhether you're an avid outdoorsman or simply enjoy... [ more ]


June 10th, 2009CompostingYard trimmings and organic waste,Can be composted without haste,Excessive dumping has gotten old,Keep that trash, its gardeners' gold.Waste Less, Grow More With all the money we spend buying... [ more ]

Green Wedding

June 09th, 2009Green WeddingThe groom takes a quick shower and turns off the lights,As he strives to help keep the environment clean.The bride knows it's her day and she shows her true shade,As she's taken some step... [ more ]

Ocean Pollution

June 04th, 2009Ocean PollutionFrom seagulls to pelicans and anemone,Our oceans are full of Earth's creatures.So let's keep them free of our trashTo preserve the ocean's best features!H2OhNo70% of our planet is cover... [ more ]

Holey Concrete

June 03rd, 2009Holey ConcreteIt's raining, it's pouring, Toxicity levels are soaring, Green that pavement under your feet,Use eco-friendly pervious concrete.When It Rains...It DrainsImbalances in the natural ecosyst... [ more ]

Green Vacations

June 02nd, 2009Eco-Friendly Vacations Let's take a vacationAnd give Earth a holidayBe green on your next tripWith these smart travel tips. As Fun for the Planet as It is For You!With summer almost here, many famili... [ more ]

Dry Cleaning Bags

May 28th, 2009Dry Cleaning BagsNext time you pop in the dry cleanersLet them know you'd like to go greenerBring a bag when you pick up your clothesReusable garment bags have many prosLeft Holding The BagBefore head... [ more ]

Think Global, Buy Local

May 27th, 2009Think Global, Buy LocalBig trucks and cargo ships, These you will not see,Because local Farmers Markets,Support sustainability.A Local Apple A Day Keeps Global Warming AwayNext time you reach for thos... [ more ]

The Beach Is Not An Ashtray

May 26th, 2009No Butts AllowedIts time to enjoy a day in the sunWith wavy shores and sandy funJust remember it's not your personal ashtrayAnd help keep the beach a clean place to playBeachy CleanIf you're headed ou... [ more ]

Green Graduation Party

May 21st, 2009Green GraduationEven if your school's colors aren't greenYour eco-friendly graduation party can be.Evite your attendees and feed them organic cuisineAnd download some tunes for your night as DJ.Eco-Li... [ more ]

Green Barbeque

May 20th, 2009Green GrillingBreak out the cooking gear,BBQ season is almost here,Practice green grilling this year,Try not to burn the atmosphere.Invite the Environment to Your BBQIn America, grilling is not merely... [ more ]

Aerosol Spray vs. Pump

May 19th, 2009Aerosol Spray vs. PumpWhen you're stylin' your hair, or sprayin' a streak-free tan,Consider the effect of your aerosol can.It can rust or blow up if it's tossed in the dump,So try to buy things with a... [ more ]

Tea Tree Oil Uses

May 14th, 2009Tea Tree Oil Scrapes, sinuses, sniffles and scarsSolve those symptoms with one little jarFrom treating ailments to cleaning shoesHere's some ways tea tree oil can be used.My Cup of TeaIf you catch the... [ more ]

Algae Bio Fuel

May 13th, 2009Algae Bio FuelAlgae may be slimy and it may be icky,It may make cleaning your fish tank tricky,But remember that pond scum is a life long friend,Here to bring our oil dependence to an end.Would the Re... [ more ]

Smart Power Strip

May 12th, 2009Smart Power StripCrawl under your desk, pull cords out, plug'em in,It's a back-aching green way to live.Save energy and cash with smart power strips,They're a fantastic alternative!If you've got a mod... [ more ]

Terracycle Capri Sun recycling program

May 07th, 2009Recycling SnacksIf you made your kids a lunch todayAnd it's something you do everydayLook on the back of their favorite snackAnd see how to recycle all those old packs.Green LunchboxesSnack, check... ... [ more ]

Recycle Batteries

May 06th, 2009Environmental BatteryA battery here, a battery there,Batteries thrown away without a care,Help keep Earth's power out of the red,Think green when your batteries are dead.They Keep Going and GoingWe ar... [ more ]

Green Mother's Day

May 05th, 2009Green Mother's DayIt's once again that time of year,when we honor our Moms who brought us here.Shopping, flowers and chocolates are great,just don't forget Mother Nature as you celebrate.For the Mom Y... [ more ]

Pedal Power

April 30th, 2009Pedal PowerWhether it's time to head out to playOr run some errands during the dayHop on your bike to complete your missionGet where you're going without turning the ignition.Take A Ride on the Greene... [ more ]

Buzz Off...Naturally!

April 29th, 2009Green Bug RepellentsIt's warming up, the bugs are here,Send them buzzing away in fear,Use repellents made the eco-friendly way,Insects don't like green blood anyways!Buzz Off...Naturally!As the weathe... [ more ]

To Go

April 28th, 2009To GoFast food trash you may add to landfills and lakesIf you buy a McMuffin each morn'.But reducing your footprint is easy to doRecycled wrapping's available - yes, it is true,Even plastic-type cups ... [ more ]

Fizz Fizz

April 23rd, 2009Fizz FizzBefore you crack open that can of popDo it yourself in a homemade soda shopMake your own flavors for the family to savorReducing your footprint does the Earth a big favor.Pop PopWhether you s... [ more ]

Earth Day

April 22nd, 2009Here's To You Mother EarthIt's Earth Day and we must all find a wayTo take some time to turn to the planet and say,Thank you Mother Earth for all that you do,Today I'll show you that I truly love you ... [ more ]

Vertical Farming

April 21st, 2009Vertical FarmingMost of our food grows outside and aroundAcross hundreds of miles with roots in the ground.On land, weather and gas all our farmers rely,What if instead crops grew up, inside, towards ... [ more ]

Hand Wash vs. Dishwasher

April 16th, 2009Hand Wash vs. Dish WashDirty dishes, grimy forks,Lipstick stains, remnants of pork.What's the best way to get your plates clean?Your dishwasher might be the most green!It may seem like a good old-fash... [ more ]

Reusable Water Bottles

April 15th, 2009Bye Bye Bottled WaterMountains of water bottles rise so high into the sky,That they block the sun and even make King Kong sigh.How can we break our addiction to bottles at the source?By buying eco-fri... [ more ]

Grow Y' Own

April 14th, 2009Grow Y'OwnIf you want to be like Michelle ObamaYou can plant your own garden for food.Just walk outside wearing your pajamasAnd pick veggies to feed your brood!There are numerous benefits to growing y... [ more ]

Green Easter Basket

April 09th, 2009Eco-EasterAs you prep for this Easter holidayTry to do it in an eco-friendly wayDye your eggs with veggies and fruitAnd try a reusable basket to hold all your loot.Green Eggs and EasterEaster's almost... [ more ]

Green Tax Refund

April 08th, 2009Green TaxesIt's almost April 15th and the familiar sound can be heard,Of adding machines chirping like mechanical songbirds.Eliminate tax time stresses with clerical pollution,By investing in energy e... [ more ]

Eco-Friendly Passover

April 07th, 2009Eco-Friendly PassoverGather family ‘round the table,Tell the story of the slaves,Prop the door wide for Elijah,Just don't forget your eco-ways!Jews worldwide are preparing for Pesach - here are ... [ more ]

Green Shoes

April 02nd, 2009Good For Your SoleYour soles are worn and threads are bareIts time for some kicks that show a little eco-flairNext time you pick up a pair of new shoesTry out a pair that supports your green views.If ... [ more ]

Shady Coffee

April 01st, 2009Shady CoffeeWhen you're at the store consider what it's worth,To buy coffee beans that respect Mother Earth.You can make it the best part of waking up,By pouring less of nature into your cup.A great w... [ more ]

Impulse Buying

March 31st, 2009Impulse BuyingFrom frozen drink makers to rubber band ballsAnd sparks of dull interest to urgent name calls,Ignore wasteful products - there's no mistaking their guise,They're bad for the Earth: usel... [ more ]

Earth Hour

March 26th, 2009"Earth Hour" 2009I can see, you can see,It's only an hour so join me,Vote for Earth in a simple way,Turn off your lights this Saturday.With Darkness Comes LightOn Saturday, March 28, at 8:30 PM local ... [ more ]

Get Beezy

March 25th, 2009Backyard BeekeepingMore and more people are realizing what a sweet deal beekeeping is. Honeybees are easily housed in yards, patios and rooftop decks, and are remarkably self-sufficient. They bear ... [ more ]

Indoor Air Pollution

March 24th, 2009Indoor Air PollutionCleaning sprays, insecticides and smoke are in our homesMold and mildew, dust and dirt on walls and carpets roam.Not good for Earth, nor great for you, avoid these thingsBy being g... [ more ]

Spring Cleaning

March 19th, 2009Spring CleaningWhen April showers and May flowersIt's time to use your cleaning powersOrganize garages and sort out drawersMake being green part of your chores.Clean GreenAs winter rapidly melts away ... [ more ]

Potty Talk

March 18th, 2009Potty TalkNature calls for everyone,When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.For number ones and twos, be green,Use a dual flush commode!When it comes to doing your business, take the plunge with a green latrine... [ more ]

Happy St. Patrick's Day

March 17th, 2009Sustainable SudsIt's March and St. Patty's Day's almost here,Time to celebrate with friends and enjoy green beer.Keep Mother Earth in mind on that special day,Choose a brew made in an eco-friendly way... [ more ]

Chemical Soup

March 12th, 2009Chemical SoupAs we go through our everyday livesThere are lots of places chemicals hideUsually they've got a careful disguiseHidden amongst your cleaning supplies.Wipe On / Wipe OffNext time you grab ... [ more ]


March 11th, 2009iCareiPods, iPods all around,iPhones everywhere.Maximize your energy use,Show the planet you care.Squeeze the Apple Juice!These days everyone, including your 75-year-old grandmother, seems to have an ... [ more ]

Ditch the Disposable

March 10th, 2009Ditch the DisposablesWe brush away plaque and shave unwanted hair,Then dispose of the tools for our personal care.But we can reuse and recycle these thingsWithout losing the feeling that we live like ... [ more ]

Green Office

March 05th, 2009Eco-Business as UsualBeing green's got a few new perksYou can use your tips even at workRecycle your paper and bring in a mugAnd when you leave at night pull all the plugs!Working WondersAfter giving ... [ more ]

Solar Tube Skylights

March 04th, 2009Solar TubesDark spaces go awaySolar tubes are here to stay.From kitchens to bathrooms and your dim hallway, Sun tunnel rays shine in and brighten the day.Solar tubes can brighten up dark hallways, bat... [ more ]


March 03rd, 2009Eco-FidoYou're eating organic, but your puppy still Chows,You're worried that lead will mute his playful bow-wows.You throw away chew toys, bags, collars and beds,But there's greener options for dogs ... [ more ]

Carbon Offsets (Terra Pass)

February 26th, 2009Beam Me Up: Terra PassNext time you hop on a planeOr drive from California to MaineHere's a simple green hintOn how to lower your CO2 footprint.Round Trip OffsetsBefore you head on your next flight or... [ more ]

Kitchen Hog

February 24th, 2009Kitchen HogYour garbage disposal can hike up your billsIts grinding sound sends pets and kids for the hillsIt clogs, destroys spoons, and it smells really badInstead, compost your scraps - the newest ... [ more ]

Mothball Alternatives

February 19th, 2009Like a Moth to a SweaterIt's almost time to put your wool sweaters awayAnd you need a way to keep mothballs at bay.There's a natural alternative to keep sweaters safeSaving your old clothes from havin... [ more ]

Road Salt

February 17th, 2009A Greener De-IcerRock salt melts ice so we spread it aroundBut after we're done the salt's still on the ground.It can damage your car and harm pets and plants,But there're greener de-icers, so join us... [ more ]

Bicycle Rentals

February 12th, 2009Ooh-la-la Bicycle Rentals Whether you're running errands Or on an exotic vacation somewhere neatRent some wheels for relatively cheapAnd hop on a bike if the hill's not too steep.Reinventing the Wheel... [ more ]

Green Valentine's Day

February 11th, 2009Ways to Green Your Valentine's DayEach year, millions of greeting cards are bought for Valentine's Day. Be original, and save a tree, by channeling your inner Martha Stewart and making your own work o... [ more ]

Free Range, Grass Fed Chicken & Beef

February 10th, 2009Home, Home on the Range...Next time you're deciding what to eatTry some grass-fed chicken or beefIt's a healthier option for your mealEven your taste buds will be in disbelief.The Grass Is GreenerThe ... [ more ]

Got Tapes? Recycling old VHS

February 05th, 2009Got Tapes? It's time to get rid of those old VHS tapesThey're doing nothing but taking up space.If they're still left in pretty good shapeDonate to Goodwill or any recycling place.Be Kind Rewind... an... [ more ]

Green TV: LCD vs. PLasma

February 03rd, 2009Green TV: LCD v PlasmaIf you're thinking about an upgradeOn the TV you've had for a decadeDon't forget when debating which screenTo remember that LCD, not plasma, is green.Lean Green Television Machin... [ more ]

Green spin: fabric softener sheets

January 29th, 2009Green Dryer SheetsIf you want your clothes free of static-clingand you like the smell of the breeze in Spring,but you also strive to keep the Earth clean,switch your dryer sheets to something more gre... [ more ]

Dog poop bags

January 27th, 2009Topic: Dog Poop BagsSuper Pooper ScooperYour pup keeps giving you the eyeHe needs to take a quick trip outsideGrab a doggy bag even on the flyTo clean up before heading inside.It's a Dog's LifeNext ti... [ more ]

Lipstick: get the lead out

January 22nd, 2009Find a Greener ShadeChecked out on Snopes, "lead in lipstick's" a hoax,But it's still found in cosmetics and can be harmful to folks.So whether your shade's nude, cotton candy or redTo pout earth-frie... [ more ]

Green Inauguration

January 20th, 2009GreenaugurationSpeeches, galas, politics and moreInaugural events have a new decorBeing green's part of their new planJust use his motto, "Yes We Can!"Green Gala's GaloreAs Washington D.C. preps for a... [ more ]

Recycled Sneakers

January 15th, 2009Recycled SneakersWhether you're a runner, a hiker or a fashionista,Your feet would be naked without shoes.But when you no longer love your old Birkenstocks,Donate them -you've got nothing to lose!Ther... [ more ]

Recycled Tires

January 13th, 2009Recycled TiresThose old rubber tires have found a new skillThey're doing more than sitting in the landfill.Reused in playgrounds, sidewalks, bags and moreRecycled tires are being used more than ever b... [ more ]

Green Cookware

January 08th, 2009Green CookwareThe perfect pancakes and the crispest stir fries are made in pans coated with non-stick.But you might want to switch to some greener cookware--heating Teflon could make you real sick!Non... [ more ]

Recycle Boxes

January 06th, 2009Recycle BoxesThe holidays have finally come to a closeTime to recycle all those boxes and bowsReuse old boxes to store ornaments and lightsOr throw in recycling with your bottles at night.Think Outsid... [ more ]

No Brainer

January 01st, 2009No BrainersWe recycle our junk mail, we cycle to school,We take shorter showers and often carpool.And on New Year's Eve we all pop champagne,But there's more green to do, just think-use your brain!You... [ more ]

Top Ten Green Heroes

December 31st, 2008Top 10 "Green Heroes" of 2008Here, we honor 10 green leaders that have been on the Smart2BeGreen radar in 2008. Fortunately for our planet, more people stand out every day as leaders for environmental... [ more ]

Green New Year

December 30th, 2008Recycle Holiday CardsBirthdays and thank yous, get wells and congratsAre shared once and then tossed in the binBut now you can pass on these great sentimentsReuse and be green-it's win-win!Recycle you... [ more ]

Merry (Green) Christmas

December 25th, 2008Green GalleryIf you're in the market for some new artSupport an artist who's doing their partTake time to stop and think what it meansWhen sculptures are made from old machines.Down to a Fine ArtWhen ... [ more ]

Snow Resorts Go Green

December 23rd, 2008Green SlopesCapped mountains or molehills, no matter how steepwe've got to protect if the snow we're to keep.Support ski resorts using wind energy,bio-fuels and CFLs--being green is the key.Whether bo... [ more ]

Bamboo Snowboards

December 18th, 2008Bamboo SnowboardsIt's finally time to hit the slopesFresh powder's given riders high hopesGrab your bamboo board and hit the roadEven your snow gear follows the green code.Get on BoardIf you're in the... [ more ]

Green Holiday Gift Tips

December 10th, 2008Green Holiday PicksReduce, Reuse, Recycle - all while dazzling your friends this holiday season,(Or... Give Green this Season to Go Green - and you just may save some Green while you're at it!)Reusab... [ more ]

Christmas Trees

December 16th, 2008Christmas TreesA wasteful culture we must stopAs winter comes to freeze.So pretty please with an angel on topBuy eco-Christmas trees!For those of us preparing to string popcorn and tinsel across a mer... [ more ]

Green Mailing Tips

December 11th, 2008Green Mailing TipsFrom Amazon wishlists to gingerbread folks,we ship freely at this time of year,And we can take steps to ensure we mail green--Ho-Ho-Hope for Earth's future is here!Santa's sleigh may... [ more ]

Wrapping paper alternatives

December 09th, 2008Wrap it UpThe holidays are almost hereAnd your home is filled with cheerWhen you wrap your gifts this yearKeep your eco-gift wrapping kit near.With all the TrimmingsInstead of wrapping up your present... [ more ]

Click To Buy

December 04th, 2008Click to BuyIt's that time of year when you're making your listsYou wince at the thought of the crowdsBut you can save gas, time and headaches this yearBuy online for crying out loud!You better not cr... [ more ]

Eco-Friendly Musicians

December 02nd, 2008Rocking Green MusiciansIts time to pay a tributeTo artists who contributeThey help keep us awareOf why we need to care.Music to Earth's EarsNext time you head online to purchase some tunes check out s... [ more ]

Happy Thanksgiving

November 27th, 2008Thanks (green) givingTurkey, cranberries, potatoes and stuffingThe amount of food sometimes is bafflingTry going organic and keep your family healthyGood food and family always make you feel wealthy.&... [ more ]

Solar Gadgets

November 25th, 2008Solar GadgetsIt's that time of year when the dark just comes sooner,And electric and heating bills rise.But for ten or so hours the sun shines with power--Solar panels can re-energize!We may be feelin... [ more ]

Eco-Green Wines

November 20th, 2008Green VinesIt’s finally that time of year,The holidays are almost here.Try out a spirited new tradition,Make green wine your new addition. Nothing to Wine AboutAs this holiday season r... [ more ]

Holiday E-Cards/green cards

November 18th, 2008 Green Cards for AllIf you wish to send cheer for five dollars a pop,Then help clear the forests, supporting paper card shops.But if you help save the trees and send greetings with e-cards,You'll... [ more ]

CO2 emissions created from cows

November 13th, 2008Belching Cows Here an interesting fact, On how cows belches react. It’s more than just a windy pass, And actually creates a real bad gas.What’s the Beef?Oddly enough the amount of beef con... [ more ]

Green Jobs

November 11th, 2008Green In DemandGetting laid off seems hopeless in today’s economy But stay positive and mute all those sobs. Because you can kill two birds with one little stone And search for green in sustaina... [ more ]

Eco living for dogs

November 06th, 2008Doggies Go Green This one’s for the canine lovers Your pup needs an eco-makeover Leashes and accessories are just the start An organic diet’s also good for their heartDogs have always bee... [ more ]

Eco Fashion (recycled clothes)

November 04th, 2008Recycled ClothingSome say retro is in, others old-school is out,Some say diagonal stripes are what it’s about.Some wear it in silk, others wool and sateen,But clothes made from recyclables are t... [ more ]

Recycle Bank

October 30th, 2008Recycling Buzz You’ve always been a fan of thinking greenAnd being eco-friendly’s something you meanThere’s a new incentive for doing your thingThink of it as a piggy bank for recycl... [ more ]


October 28th, 2008Have A Green HalloweenWhen you’re out trick-or-treatin’Amongst the blood and the gore,When you’re carving your pumpkinsAnd you knock door to door,Remember that though it may be Hallo... [ more ]

Green Dorm Living

October 23rd, 2008Green DormsAfter a few months living in the dorm,You realize being green can be the norm.Make a change throughout your floor,Eco-friendly living is no longer a chore. The Green Room After sett... [ more ]


October 21st, 2008Eco-EyewearWhen your peepers are myopicBuying specs is catastrophicBut without’em you squintSo we’ll give you a hintOn how to save (‘cause we’re feeling philanthropic). Si... [ more ]

Safe Plastics

October 16th, 2008Plastics… The Good, The Bad & The UglyIn case there’s any confusionMost good plastics are an illusion.BPA-free is the plastic that’s greenUsing it can help keep the earth clean.... [ more ]

Wooden Hotel Keys

October 14th, 2008Wooden Hotel KeysYour wallet’s full of plastic cards that soon must be disposed.The future is in wooden cards that open doors when they are closed. Every two years or so your credit cards e... [ more ]

Recycling Junk

October 09th, 2008Got Junk?From the guest room to the garageYour stuff is feeling more like a barrage.So get all your old stuff to disappearBy recycling junk collected over the years. One’s Trash Is Another&... [ more ]

Sun Kissed Laundry

October 07th, 2008Sun Kissed LaundryIf you want to save energy,Let the sun dry your wet laundry.Just hang up your brights,Jeans, sweaters and tights.It’s easy and practically free!The average in-home dryer will c... [ more ]

Mattress Recycling

October 02nd, 2008Nothing to Lose Sleep OverYou’ve just brought a new mattress homeAnd are wondering where the old one should go.Stop the landfills from continuing to growAnd have it recycled down to the foam.&nb... [ more ]

Energy Thief

September 30th, 2008Energy ThiefHe sneaks around the corner with an extra gust of wind,By sealing cracks under your doors you’ll almost have him pinned.Switch light bulbs out to CFLs, change filters for your heat,A... [ more ]

Organic Baby Products

September 25th, 2008Baby TalkBabies have organic products too,Just like their moms and dads do.Shampoos, blankets, toys and foodDon’t forget who else to include… Kid Approved Many stores are stocking... [ more ]

Distance Food Travels

September 23rd, 2008Distance Food TravelsIf you’re really gung ho about keepin’ it green,Then food from big grocery chains isn’t your scene.The distance food travels from farms to your plateCan be hundr... [ more ]

Put Litter Where It Belongs

September 18th, 2008Trash TalkThink hard and fast Before you toss that trash,Garbage has a tendency to lastLeaving the earth with a gash. Anti-Litter Bug The next time you head to the beach or park (or anywhere r... [ more ]

Eco School Supplies

September 16th, 2008100%: School Supplies That Make the GradeThe time has come for “back to school”;Our students need supplies.Just read below and we’ll revealSmart eco-friendly buys! The leaves a... [ more ]

Junk Mail

September 11th, 2008A Trail of MailIf you’re tired of receiving junk mailAnd found that it’s leaving quite a trail,Sign up online to put it to an endDon’t forget to tell all your friends.Losing the Pape... [ more ]

Can It

September 09th, 2008Can ItIf you throw’em away, you’ll be missing out,‘Cause recycling cans is what it’s all about!You can earn some cash if you’re in needAnd help green the earth as an eco-... [ more ]

Ride A Bike

September 04th, 2008If you’re headed out the doorAnd you live by work or the storeLeave your car keys behindTake your bike out and explore Reinventing the Wheel The next time you head out to your favorite n... [ more ]

Conserving Water

September 02nd, 2008Every Last DropWhether brushing your pearly whitesOr washing dirty dishes late at nightTurn off the faucet to save some dropletsYou’ll conserve water while saving your wallet. Drop in the B... [ more ]

Sun Tea

August 28th, 2008Tea TimeWhether you’re planning a barbecueOr catching sunrays down by the pool,Grab your favorite sun teas to brewWhipping up a batch helps keep you cool.Freshly BrewedBefore summers over don&rs... [ more ]

Grocery Buying Clubs

August 26th, 2008Size Matters, so Bulk Up!Some say size matters, the bigger the better,In cereal, ketchup and soup.When it comes to food cravings, your money and savings,Be green and buy bulk with a group!Buying in bu... [ more ]

Log Off / Lights Out

August 21st, 2008Log Off/Lights Out When you leave your house, when you go on break, Let your motherboard rest a few. Just turn it off and while you’re on a roll, Flip the light switches off too!It sounds simpl... [ more ]

Carbon Footprint

August 19th, 2008Carbon FootprintIf you’re looking for a few simple hintsOn how to lower your carbon footprintFollow our tips on Smart2BeGreenOur goal is to help turn the earth clean. CO2 Hint For those ... [ more ]

Hanky Panky

August 14th, 2008Hanky PankyForget those stretchy rubber bands for tying back loose hairs,Don’t waste your cash on tissue packs for dabbing at your tears.They’re washable, they’re multi-use, old-fash... [ more ]

Mowing Green

August 12th, 2008Mowing GreenYour grass keeps growingAnd your lawn needs mowing,But rotary mowers use too much gasTry a reel mower to cut your green grass. Green-Mowers If your lawn isn’t the size of a f... [ more ]

Readers Chime In

August 07th, 2008Readers Chime InFor all our readers who’ve cared,A special edition has been preparedTo have our green thoughts shared!Here’s To You, Our Subscribers! I like this suggestion on the packi... [ more ]

Pack Rat

August 05th, 2008Pack RatYou can be eco-friendly even while you packA birthday box for Dad,And cornstarch peanuts are a low-cal snack--A new organic fad!Snack while you PackIf you’ve ever been to college or move... [ more ]

Swapping Books

July 31st, 2008Oldest Trick In The BookReading is your passion,But your cash is being rationed.Swapping books is in fashion,Showing the earth your compassion. Hit The BooksBefore you head out to your local (mas... [ more ]


July 29th, 2008Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)If you’re looking to be granted ecological impunity,Then join a supportive agricultural community.Your dollars can benefit an organic local farm,And the fres... [ more ]


July 24th, 2008Eco-GrillingThe summer sun’s shining and your friends are all piningFor a dog and a cold mug o’brew,But a fun summer bash can produce lots of trashSo instead throw a green barbecue! B... [ more ]

Fan Club

July 22nd, 2008Fan ClubWhen you’re feeling the heatAnd those AC bills get steep,A fan is nice and breezyMaking saving energy easy.Breezy DaysThis summer while you’re avoiding the heat, try using a ceilin... [ more ]

Less Is More

July 17th, 2008Shop Less, Live MoreWhen it’s time to go to the storeAnd you’re headed out the door,Remember what your list called forJust don’t forget that less is more… Frugal Rocks ... [ more ]

Grow Your Own Veggies

July 15th, 2008Grow your own veggiesEating your vegetables is not all that hard--You can grow’em and pick’em from your own backyard.Saving money and fuel you’ll be keeping it green,While being sure... [ more ]

Plants At Work

July 10th, 2008Go NativeFeeling the heat at work?A plant can be your cure,You’ll see there’s lots of perksCall it cubicle couture.Botanical OfficeNext time you step out to your local farmers market (or f... [ more ]

Office Recycling

July 08th, 2008Office Recycling ProgramStraighten your tie, smooth out that hemp skirt,Recycle that empty old crushed can of Squirt.Get your coworkers’ Hancocks on a formal petitionTo put bins in the copy room... [ more ]

Energy Independence Wind

July 03rd, 2008Catch Wind of ThisIf you’re going to go greenWind power will keep you cleanRenewable energy is what you needKeep reading to see what we mean… Windy Living If you’re looking ... [ more ]

Energy Independence Solar

July 01st, 2008Energy Independence – SunIf you want energy cheap then don’t be stunnedWhen we tell you to embrace the sun.Solar energy is cheap and clean,And let’s not forget—completely green... [ more ]

Eco Friendly Camping

June 26th, 2008Cleaner CampingIt’s finally that time of yearWhen campers dust off their gear.Eco-friendly equipment gets a cheerWhile helping keep campsites clear. The weather’s warm and many wilder... [ more ]

Turn Over A New Leaf

June 24th, 2008Turnover a New Leaf - Plant A TreeIf you’re looking to go greenAnd want to change your routinePlanting a tree keeps the earth cleanWhile making your garden look serene. Plant the seed On... [ more ]

Green Wedding Groom

June 19th, 2008I Do Green – GroomHemp shoes will leave no footprints behind,Eco-friendly suits are in style,As the groom-to-be of a happy green pair,Get ready to walk down the aisle!While eco-friendly flowers ... [ more ]

Green Wedding Bride

June 17th, 2008I Do Green - BrideHere comes the bride in green, free of waste and organically preened,Her guests called in their RSVPs, drove hybrids and carpooled in SUVs,Her digital invites saved Maples and Oaks, ... [ more ]

Father's Day

June 12th, 2008Happy Father’s DayFather’s Day is hereDads are giving a cheer.To get you in the clearGive a gift card this year.Dapper Dads It’s almost time to celebrate your dad’s special ... [ more ]

Treat It Like It Grows On Trees

June 10th, 2008Treat It Like It Grows On TreesOn a hot summer’s day the trees keep us cool,They’ll shade you from burning by the side of the pool.We pick apples, smell flowers, knock on wood, spy on nest... [ more ]

Loads of Love

June 05th, 2008Loads of LoveNext time you wash and dry, Make cold water your new ally. Hot water cycles can say good-bye Give "energy efficient" laundry a try. Cold vs. Hot The next time you th... [ more ]

Internet Banking

June 03rd, 2008Does Not ComputeThe price of stamps keeps going up,The landfills keep on digging down.Make payments on your credit card,Send Earth Day wishes to a friend.It really isn’t all that hardTo save tre... [ more ]

Eco Stapler

May 29th, 2008Eco-StaplerYou can three-hole punch your papers or use a folder so they’ll bind,You can recycle clips and staples—for real, nobody minds.You can hook your clips together if you’ll re... [ more ]

Green Cleaning

May 27th, 2008Green CleaningPaper towels are on your listNow they have a brand new twist.Smaller sheets finally existThose extra-long rolls won’t be missed.Wipe Up Waste Next time you need to replenis... [ more ]

Green Means Go

May 22nd, 2008Green Means GoTime, energy, money and gas--You can save on all of these things en masse,The greener your car is, the happier you’ll be,And you can follow these three easy steps for free!For vari... [ more ]

Electronic Recycling

May 20th, 2008Electronic RecyclingWhen you replace your old monitor, when your printer breaks downWhen your laptop’s obsolete, there’s no need to frown,With new buyback programs TechForward and ecoNEW,Y... [ more ]


May 15th, 2008Eco-GamersHey there, video game warriors and virtual storytellersIf you ever feel the need to put down the controllerRemember to hit the power switch before you turn the cornerSoon you’ll be abl... [ more ]

Paint Smart

May 13th, 2008Paint SmartOrange, red, yellow, purple, black or white,Old paint dries out fast if you don’t seal it tight,If you share your paint with others then once more it can be seen,And then you can turn... [ more ]

Mother's Day

May 08th, 2008Happy Mother’s DayIt’s almost time for Mother’s DayYour mom needs a card to displaySending an e-card can help save the dayEco-friendly card are another simple wayIt’ll leave th... [ more ]

Organic Baby Food Recipe

May 06th, 2008Petit Organic AppetiteBabies need the best you gotGive an organic recipe a shotFresh fruits and veggies hit the spotEven healthy food can please your totGoo Goo Ga Ga Try making your own baby ... [ more ]

Cleaner Goes Greener

May 01st, 2008Cleaner Goes GreenerRub a dub dubNext time you clean the tubOr give the countertops a scrubTry non-toxic suds instead of those old dudsSay What? Ingredients such as ammonia, chlorine, phthalat... [ more ]

Green Dry Cleaning

April 29th, 2008Green Dry CleaningYour fancy darks and bleach-bright whites Have on them “Dry Clean Only” tags – meaning To keep your style and the Earth stain-free Try taking them in for green dry ... [ more ]

B.Y.O... To The Office

April 24th, 2008Bring Your Own… To The OfficeIn case you didn’t knowIts time to bring your ownSo here are a few simple hintsOn how to reduce our carbon footprintB.Y.O... Ceramic mugs… as an eas... [ more ]


April 22nd, 2008Less Is MoreIf you've got the gumptionTo reduce your consumptionWe'll give you some hintsOn your Eco-FootprintLife-changing resolutions aren’t just for New Year’s anymore.  It’s... [ more ]


April 17th, 2008CompostingThe weather is warmer; the backyard’s brown and dry,The kitchen is smelly, maybe it’s time to trycomposting leftover veggies and fruitsThe kitchen’ll smell better and the g... [ more ]

Team Green

April 15th, 2008Team GreenFootball teams are going greenThe Philadelphia Eagles are the teamBeing Eco Friendly is something they meanSo future generations can fulfill their dreamsEco-Touchdown The Philadelphi... [ more ]

Remember The Outdoors

April 10th, 2008Remember the Outdoors?The sun is shining and the birds are chirpingPut the treadmill aside and take your run outsideLace up those old running shoes, go ahead and make a moveIf you trade the rubber tre... [ more ]

Pet's Go Green

April 08th, 2008A Horse of a Different Color (Green)For those of you with allergies, Dogs and cats can make you sneeze, For those who own and pick up waste, It can’t be done with too much haste ‘Cause gre... [ more ]

Green Hotels

April 03rd, 2008Green HotelsWhen we used to play MonopolyThe houses were a shade of green; hotels the brightest redBut these days’ travelers want their hotel staysTo be bright green instead! Whether its sp... [ more ]

Got The Blues

April 01st, 2008Got the Blues?Bottles, cans, Styrofoam and glassLook for a home to be recycled as lastUnder the lid of the big blue binEveryone can help just throw it inBlue is the new black: The Big Blue Bin is o... [ more ]

Rubber Sidewalks

March 27th, 2008Rubber SidewalksSkinned knees, uprooted trees,and cracks come from concreteBut recycled tires bounce and stretchas eco-friendly streets!Did you ever consider that the very tires which help your car po... [ more ]

Bubble Trouble

March 25th, 2008Bubble Trouble?Wash, rinse, repeatOrganic shampoos are hard to beatNatural conditioners are also neatThey don’t find the need to cheatNo sulfites or petroleum used in this treatTreat your hair r... [ more ]

Just Hangin' Out

March 20th, 2008I don’t mind wire braces,I like my wire rims,But when it comes to hanging clothesEco-Hangers are what I chose‘Cause wire hangers aren’t green.Wire hangers have sharp ends that can sc... [ more ]

Spring Break

March 18th, 2008Spring BreakReuse your towels and straighten your sheetsBring a refillable bottleAnd walk to restaurants down the street.Don’t just get wild during your spring breakGet green—our entire pl... [ more ]

CD/DVD Recycling

March 13th, 2008Disc RecyclingOld CDs and DVDsShould not lay in the trashRecycling programs are in placeWhere you can donate your old stash In the 90s, you may have listened to a lot of Boys II Men and REM, and yo... [ more ]

Get Unplugged

March 11th, 2008Be an eco-rock star and get unpluggedPop your cell phone charger out when it’s not in usePull the prongs out from the blender when you’re not smoothing juiceLeave your electric toothbrush ... [ more ]

Plastic Bottles

March 06th, 2008Plastic Bottles...Down The DrainWhether you call it pop, soda, cola or coke, Dumping your beverage bottles isn’t a joke.  If you purchase these bottles from vending machines, You’re s... [ more ]

Go Wild

March 04th, 2008Go WildChinook, Silver or Sockeye, the taste of wild caught Salmon is a scrumpous delight.Many believe farm-raised fish are the same as fish caught in the wild (NOT). Farm-raised fish are fish raised ... [ more ]

Produce and Pesticides

February 28th, 2008Produce and PesticidesApples, bananas, grapes and pearsAre fruits that you can buy organicBy searching while you’re on a spreeFor USDA Organic SealsOn carrots, lettuce and broccoli! Many Fa... [ more ]

ATM Receipt

February 26th, 2008Penny PinchingIts time to take out cash andGoing to the ATM can be quite fastAfter receiving your funds try hitting no receipt for funYou’ll help millions of trees enjoy a few more days in the s... [ more ]

Waterless Car Wash

February 21st, 2008Waterless Car WashSplish Splash your car needs a bathA waterless carwash can get it done in a dashYou’ll save on gas and much needed cashHelping the earth avoid a hot flashWash On: Because a ... [ more ]

Plastic Bags

February 19th, 2008Plastic or Paper...NeitherWhen the cashier asks you, “paper or plastic?”You’ve got a third choice you can make.Reusable cloth bags are eco-fantasticAnd they cut down on waste—p... [ more ]

Valentine's Day

February 14th, 2008Happy Valentine’s Day!Roses are red, violets are blueBuy them potted, or fresh and newJust try a local market when you doIt can save the earth from a pesticide or two Bloom on… Ju... [ more ]

Spice Up Your Life

February 12th, 2008Spice up your life!Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thymeGrow them yourself and you’ll save a dimePinch off a green leaf and add some zestAnd your meals and finances will turn for the best!Grow your... [ more ]

Organic Fashion

February 07th, 2008What you Are is What you WearIf what you are is what you eatThen most of us aren’t grade A meatBut if what you are is what you wearThen wear it green and add some flair!Green Fashion It may come... [ more ]

Cell Phones

February 05th, 2008Cell Phones for SoldiersDid you know that the average lifespan of a cell phone in this country is about 18 months and 130 million old cell phones end up in a landfill. Let's keep these old cell phones... [ more ]


January 31st, 2008Before you buy yourself something new  Ask yourself, is it made from bambooMaybe a shirt, a towel or even twoBesides, super-soft fabric will look good on you Organic clothing has made its debutOp... [ more ]

American Idol Rejects

January 29th, 2008Stop practicing in the shower for your "American Idol Rejects" debut and take a speedy rinse with a low-flow shower. Gargle, rinse, and spit but let the faucet quit. Hand wash your tighty-whitie... [ more ]

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